Local TV: “One of the greatest fears of the BP oil spill” happening? “Massive dead zone may be intensified by oil” (VIDEO)

Massive dead zone may be intensified by oil, WWL, October 12, 2010:

One of …

Scientists find “areas in the water column where there is NO OXYGEN” (VIDEO)

State says recent fish kills “not a concern”, FOX 8 New Orleans, September 21, … Read more >>

Ed Overton: It’s “improbable” that massive fishkill was from crude’s toxicity — Concedes hydrocarbons may have caused hypoxia

Louisiana fish deaths raise oil spill questions, BBC, September 15, 2010:


Ed Overton, …

Biological Oceanographer: “GREAT CONCERN” over the many recent *UNUSUAL* fish kills that have “covered the ENTIRE WATER COLUMN”

Normal fish kills cause “fish to come to the surface to be in distress, … Read more >>

St. Bernard Parish president reports up to 15,000 dead fish floating near boom — “Oil in the area”; State officials “don’t know” if oil played a part

State authorities say fish kill in St. Bernard Parish waters likely caused by low … Read more >>

Senior scientist says “catfish, shrimp, crab and flounder piled up along an offshore sandbar” while swarming to escape “low oxygen” due to BP’s oil and methane

Bloomberg reported early this morning that the faculty at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab … Read more >>

OLDSCHOOL: Feds funding research which uses chemical tests from 1880s to detect BP dead zones

Gulf Oil Spill and Seafood Safety Government Panel, House Committee Energy & Commerce, Energy … Read more >>

“Radical drops in oxygen levels never before seen” have “changed our whole ecosystem”

“The oil trapped in the water column is also suffocating the ocean, causing radical … Read more >>