Thousands dead in Jacksonville fish kill — “Blood cells burst when tainted water is sucked into their gills”

‘Golden algae’ is cause of Hanna Park fish deaths, Florida Times-Union, March 23, 2011 … Read more >>

Florida: Hundreds of pelicans found dead or injured off Jacksonville coast — Blamed on “chemicals in the water” (VIDEO)

Pelicans turn up sick, dead off Jacksonville coast, Jacksonville Times Union, January 17, 2011:

…

Near Jax: Eyewitnesses ask is “mystery” blob ALGAE or OIL? Miles-long dark, gooey substance NOT ALGAE tests show — Official: “Could have been transported” by currents

No answers yet for offshore mass, St. Augustine Record, September 16, 2010:


Florida …

Florida’s East Coast: Huge “mystery” BLOB breaks up “into smaller blobs” that hit beaches; Experts “PUZZLED” and “no one knows” — Video now down (AERIAL PHOTO)

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Oil movement “consistent with ocean currents”; NOAA map shows impact south of Tampa and along much of Florida’s East Coast (VIDEO)

Florida Sportsman reported that, “Data shows movement of subsurface oil is consistent with ocean … Read more >>

*BREAKING* USF Dean says oil “within a few miles of the Jacksonville and Cuba coastlines”; “Oil continues to be a part of the loop current”

Top South Florida marine expert “getting more nervous”, says “things are getting very delicate … Read more >>