Once oil crosses continental shelf, likely to “affect Florida’s west coast as far south as the Keys”

Florida Keys dodging threat from oil spill, Miami Herald, June 22, 2010:

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NOAA forecast: Oil boundary EAST of Dry Tortugas in Florida Keys

June 19 NOAA Off-shore Forecast

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Clear evidence oil spill particles in Florida Straits; Projected to reach from Key West to West Palm Beach shelf areas

Regional Gulf of Mexico Model circulation forecasts, University of Miami, Rosenstiel School of Marine … Read more >>

Oil just south of Florida Keys by June 19: Forecast

Latest HYCOM-GFS oilspill forecast shows a large stretch of oil approximately 15 miles … Read more >>

Nearly all shrimping boats abandon Key West after crew pulls up oil-covered shrimp

Locals In Key West Fearing Worst Of Oil Spill, CBS 4 Miami, June 14, … Read more >>

Breaking: NOAA scientists say “Oil plume located off Florida’s southwest coast and heading toward the Tortugas” in the Florida Keys

UM/CIMAS and NOAA/AOML Scientists Locate Oil Plume, University of Miami News Release:

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Oil boundary 50 miles from Florida Keys by June 15: NOAA forecast

Joint Incident Command “confirmed the eddy is reattaching to the Loop Current”; track “heading towards Naples”

Eddy rejoins Loop Current, Key West Citizen, June 11, 2010:

Spinning water had kept …

The Citizen (Key West): “Separate patches of oil were in the Florida Straits south of Key West on Sunday” June 6

Patrols provide early oil alert, The Citizen (Key West), June 8, 2010:

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Newly released aerial photos reveal ‘streamers’ in Florida Keys

Streamers of oil spotted NNW of Marathon

“Unfortunately, [the photos] don’t give what we … Read more >>

Researchers: “Of special note, a streak of oil is now moving in the direction of the Florida Keys”

“Of special note, a streak of oil is now moving in the direction of … Read more >>

Oil reported at Marathon Key in the Florida Keys

Laurie Greeley Diefenthaler, Florida Keys


This is a report from Laurie …

NOAA Forecast: BP Oil Spill to reach Key West by June 4

NOAA offshore trajectory forecast for noon June 2, 2010 – June … Read more >>

ALERT: NASA satellite shows oil 20 miles from Florida Keys

On May 27, the first filament from the BP oil spill is seen approaching … Read more >>

Keys fishing crew reports tar-coated shrimp, gear

The Naples Daily News reported May 24, 2010, “About 12 miles north of Dry … Read more >>