BP confident things are safe “in the short term”… Long term health problems? Not so sure

Relax. The water is safe, says BP representative (VIDEO) , NW Florida Daily News, March 23, 2011: … Read more >>

Oil disaster’s health effects “will be felt for GENERATIONS” warns scientist (VIDEOS)

BP oil spill’s health effects will be felt for generations, scientist warns, The Times-Picayune, … Read more >>

Florida Keys boat captain says the oil disaster is not over — “Could easily show up in the Keys a few years from now”

Captain Tad Burke, Commodore, Florida Keys Fishing Guides Association, The Florida Keys Response To … Read more >>

Joye: “Dispersant does not appear to break down, contrary to what most people thought” (VIDEO)

Dispersant Question at UGA Oil Spill Symposium, SpiritOfTheGulf, January 25, 2011:

…

BP is paying to retrain fishermen so they can get “a new stable job”

Oil spill job training grants, Fox 8, January 27, 2011:

The federal government plans …

Editorial Board: “Even when we no longer see the oil” it will likely impact Gulf waters for “generations”

BP must make it right, The News Star (Monroe, LA), January 25, 2011:

Alaska …

Cousteau granddaughter: Gulf’s marine ecology has been destroyed — “Generations of people who relied upon those waters no longer have a way to make a living”

The spill is “an intergenerational issue that we’ve stopped talking about six months after the fact,” Cousteau lamented. … Read more >>

Top official reveals that dispersed oil will be in Gulf “longer than anyone here will be alive” according to LSU scientists

Barham says generations could feel effects of Gulf oil spill, News Star, January 19, … Read more >>

“I think it’s going to be a ghost town” in 5-10 years says Kindra Arnesen’s husband David — “Could shut down many coastal towns” says another (VIDEO)

It “could destroy the commercial fishermen’s way of life and could shut down many coastal towns.” – Apalachicola Times LTE … Read more >>

Cleanup workers: “Constant wave” of weathered oil washing up near Mississippi delta — “Rising slowly like a poisonous Phoenix”

Questions the Press Needs to Ask About the Gulf Oil Disaster, NRDC’s Rocky Kistner, … Read more >>

The “devastation” continues says Oil ‘Spill’ Commissioner — “Toxic crude lies offshore” & “Oil sheen trails in the wake of fishing boats”

Foul waters, hard lessons from BP oil spill, By Frances Beinecke, Special to CNN, … Read more >>

Center now training Asian fishermen for second jobs in case waters are “permanently closed”

“With the oil spill we don’t know,” [Tuan Dang, a case manager at the Asian Americans for Change center in Ocean Springs, MS] said. “The center offers the opportunity of a second job just in case the water is permanently closed.” … Read more >>

Unimaginable? Sampling of shrimp, menhaden “could forewarn of uglier days ahead, possibly on a scale we can’t imagine”

Jeff Dute on the Outdoors: Awaiting the good, bad and ugly of the Gulf … Read more >>

Doomed: “They destroyed our lives” says business owner — “I’m done. It’s just too much. I’m about ready for counseling”

Cleanup of Gulf Coast nears end, but buried oil in sands may linger for … Read more >>

AP: “So much oil under the sand… may be washing up for months, if not years” — BP worker: “You definitely smell it. It hits you in the face”

Cleanup of Gulf Coast nears end, but buried oil in sands may linger for … Read more >>

“Very, very repressed” photosynthesis in marine bacteria says USF researcher

“Slime Snot” on Gulf Seafloor More Closely Linked to Missing BP Oil, OnEarth, December … Read more >>

Top seafood proccesor: “We haven’t bought shrimp in three days” — Worried about “permanent impacts”

Grand Isle wonders what’s next, Daily Comet, December 5, 2010:

Dean Blanchard [is Grand …

“Great Concern” about food web: “External and internal deformities, cancer and other diseases, genetic defects”

CURRENT ANALYSIS – Updated December 1, 2010, ROFFS:

The subsurface plume cloud had been …

Palin’s former oil advisor: Gulf catastrophe “unprecedented” — “True toll” yet to be revealed

“I was struck by how well informed the questioners were,” Fineberg said. “I was surprised that half a dozen asked questions on specifics, and the scientists and public officials answered in generalities.” … Read more >>

“There are no crabs” — “Parasites inside of their lungs eating them alive” (VIDEO)

Lorrie Williams at Rally for the Truth on November 20, 2010. … Read more >>

“A continuum of polluted water may still exist” from wellhead to shoreline — “Shrimp, crab, oysters and menhaden appear to have been considerably harmed by the spill”

Note the “research for the entire study is supported by Chevron.” … Read more >>

“If only a handful of whales can’t reproduce because of broken DNA, the whole population will be doomed” says researcher

“The population estimates suggest if you lose three to five adult sperm whales, you lose that population.” … Read more >>

NSF-funded workgroup: “Storms are likely to resurrect the oil that is currently hidden from sight” — “Much oil persists” nearshore

MORE: “Effects include tissue damage that affects organ function, damage to the DNA that makes up the genetic code, disruption of hormone functions or decreased growth or hatching success of embryos.” … Read more >>

LSU professor: Dispersed oil damages reproduction and may result in a “tipping point beyond which recovery is uncertain” — NOAA says gone within weeks

“Basic physiology suggests that dispersed oil will negatively impact the reproductive capabilities of a wide variety of animals” … Read more >>

CNN: Tar balls return to Gulf Coast — Some are the size of hamburger patties

“They are once again washing ashore in Orange Beach, AL… That’s bad news for the area’s tourism.” … Read more >>

All 40 scientists agree at meeting: “Fish in the Gulf of Mexico will continue to get sick, die or fail to reproduce as a result” of oil — What about the people?

“Vast amounts of larvae from crabs, fish and shrimp also perished.” … Read more >>

“Human race survives methane plume, for now” — May take 400 years to be clear on how methane affected Gulf says professor

Prof. “Kessler said he is hesitant to predict doomsday and instead is focusing on the methane plume’s current behavior.” … Read more >>

After Valdez, fish came back in full force — Then “like clockwork” the herring population collapsed

“Herring take four years to become adults. And like clockwork, the herring population of Prince William Sound collapsed four years after the spill. Those that came back were covered in lesions, ravaged by disease.” … Read more >>

“The small shrimp seem to have disappeared” says shrimper

“I’m worried about the future, what’s going to happen later.” … Read more >>

Report: “Marine-Life Devastation Near BP Oil Spill Indicates Much Worse Long-Term Damage Than Feds Had Admitted”

“The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management said its researcher on the expedition was unavailable.” … Read more >>