NOAA stranding expert: Dolphin carcasses are washing up daily — “At least two on Tuesday in Louisiana”

Blair Mase, NOAA’s stranding coordinator for the Southeast … Read more >>

“Red Flag”: Oil spill study finds almost HALF of residents suffering “unusual spike” in health symptoms

‘Red flag’ in oil-spill health study, Daily Comet, March 4, 2011:

A survey of …

Louisiana students suffer mysterious burns during field trip — Could have been chemicals say school officials (VIDEO)

Students burned, mysterious cause, KATC, February 11, 2011:

“We just kept trying to find …

“Media bribes” offered by Louisiana government — Reporter must write that oil industry lives in harmony with fishing industry

Marriage of oil and fisheries in Louisiana is not so happy: Bob Marshall, The … Read more >>

“Corpse strewn beaches” on Grand Isle (PHOTOS)

Grand Isle, LA resident Karen Mayer Hopkins, February 24, 2011:

COME ON DOWN TO …

Worst flu season I’ve EVER seen in Louisiana says top doctor — “Shows no signs of letting up”

Flu ”shows no signs of letting up” in Louisiana, WWL Radio, February 23, 2011 … Read more >>

“Never seen anything like it”: No signs of injury on 100s of dead birds just 25 miles from Gulf — Found in two locations (VIDEO)

Hundreds of dead birds discovered in Lake Charles, KPLC, February 10, 2011:

The Louisiana …

“Unusual” Louisiana ‘Flu’? Top Doc says it’s been “extraordinary this year” — Respiratory problems lasting for 3+ weeks (VIDEO)

“Even some of those who’ve been immunized against the flu have developed a mild form of the flu.” … Read more >>

“Really Alarming”: No baby oysters being found in most productive areas of Louisiana — “Scientists are baffled” (VIDEO)

“The outer reefs, further out, where the salinity would be considerably higher, should have had some spat signals. But we don’t see it anywhere, and that’s really tough” … Read more >>

Gov’t funding retraining for those who “will not be able to return to their previous lines of employment” because of oil disaster

Training grants available for people affected by BP oil spill, The Times-Picayune, January 25, … Read more >>

“Black Water”: NEW oil deposits washing ashore says environmental monitor — “I haven’t seen the oil look like this since the well was capped”

“There is a visible sheen on the water.” … Read more >>

Jan. 5 “was the worst instance of oil contamination since the BP oil spill” according to Louisiana Bucket Brigade

Oil Washes Ashore Again At Grand Isle, WDSU, January 5, 2011:

The mayor’s office …

Map shows birds migrate from BP disaster up through Arkansas and Kentucky, near areas where dead birds are dropping from sky (PHOTO)

h/t WhoDat35


…

Like a “Ghost Town”: Fishermen say “their industry has come to a standstill” — “A catastrophe” (VIDEO)

Local fisherman continue to deal with oil spill aftermath, Fox 8 New Orleans, January … Read more >>

AGAIN: Birds “rain” from sky 100 miles from New Orleans — Grackles, starlings, cowbirds, and blackbirds

Blackbird mystery deepens: more birds fall from sky in Louisiana, Christian Science Monitor, January … Read more >>

“The reality is we still have hundreds of miles of oiled shoreline today” says top Louisiana official — “The oil is absolutely still there”

Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues to foul 168 miles of Louisiana coastline, Times … Read more >>

Louisiana has more oiled shoreline now than in July — “Baby crabs and adult shrimp covered by crude, slicks on the surface” — (PHOTOS)

Bowermaster’s Adventures – Measuring the extent of oil spillage, AOL News by Jon Bowermaster, … Read more >>

Father: 3 year old passing kidney stones in Louisiana — Hospitals can’t figure out why he’s having the “massive” infection (VIDEO)

September 29, 2010 on Coastal Rescue Radio:

Fact Sheet:

…

“Talks with BP have become more difficult” because of LACK OF MEDIA COVERAGE say state officials – BP now in “a deny, a delay or a defend mode”

BP dragging its feet on claims, La. officials say, Times-Picayune, October 02, 2010:

State …

As EPA finds ACUTE levels of heavy metal in Lake Borgne, Feds ok immediate “EMERGENCY” reopening of commercial fishing in Louisiana waters east of the Mississippi River

LDWF announces return to normal fishing acitivity east of the Mississippi River, LA Dept. … Read more >>

Dead fish floating up “EVERYWHERE” — “I seen a lot of things in the bayou that I really don’t want to talk about” (VIDEO)

Environment: Louisiana: What comes after the oil spill?, France 24, September 12, 2010:

Fish …

FDA, State say CATTLE from islands along the SE Louisiana coast can’t be sold before 6 months of grazing and extensive testing (VIDEO)

Spill into Washington, Kindra Arnesen, September 5, 2010:

Rally in Washington D.C. Transcript Summary

…

State biologists REFUSE to discuss findings about massive fishkill while on camera — Agency will ONLY release statement (VIDEO)

More testing needed to determine cause of death of thousands of fish, WWL, September … Read more >>

Kindra says “oil coming in all over the place” — “Fresh, new oil” is RED, LUMPY, and NOT DISPERSED… “Where is THAT coming from?” (VIDEO)

Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana Radio with Kindra Arnesen, September 14, 2010:

Transcript Summary

…

Yesterday near Bay Chaland, Louisiana: FOUR FOOT wide, four inch thick “oil patty” + 100,000s of dead fish = NO TESTING TO SEE IF FROM BP’S OIL (MAPS)

On Monday WGNO New Orleans reported “Hundreds of thousands of dead fish at Bayou … Read more >>

Just hours before “a new wave of black oil suddenly” came ashore, state officials began process of REOPENING nearby waters to commercial fishing

LDWF Begins Process of Reopening Commercial Fishing in Terrebonne and Timbalier Bays by Collecting … Read more >>

Reporter: Massive fishkill so thick looks like “a gravel road” — NO TESTING to see if from oil spill (VIDEO)

Dead whale and thousands of dead fish found near Venice shipping canal, WWL-TV New … Read more >>

“NEW OIL WAS SURFACING” and BLACK crude “SUDDENLY” came ashore — 16 MILES of beaches and marshes hit in Louisiana

The Times-Picayune reported yesterday, “A new wave of black oil suddenly came ashore west … Read more >>

BP cleanup worker “sick from the chemicals used to contain the oil” — “Forced” out after being hospitalized

Life in Louisiana after the oil disaster, Aimee Brown of The Oregonian, September 04, … Read more >>

JUST IN: Oil rig explodes in Gulf 80 miles south of Louisiana, “on fire” — 13 rig workers thrown into water

One person reported injured as oil rig explodes in Gulf off Louisiana, USA Today … Read more >>