LSU professor: “There’s nothing there” — Fishermen “telling us that the reefs are just dead”

“We expect that if there is going to be a problem from the spill, it’s going to be in reproductive biology” – James Cowan, a veteran researcher and professor at Louisiana State University’s Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science … Read more >>

Shock: Well-known LSU coastal scientist dies at 54 from unknown illness — Often spoke about how oil was going to be “coming back”

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“Extremely toxic” crude oil could be “slowly killing” the people of the Gulf Coast says LSU columnist

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Top official reveals that dispersed oil will be in Gulf “longer than anyone here will be alive” according to LSU scientists

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LSU professor: Dispersed oil damages reproduction and may result in a “tipping point beyond which recovery is uncertain” — NOAA says gone within weeks

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