Oil eating bacteria may be to blame for baby dolphin deaths says expert

“In my 30 years of studying dolphins I have never seen anything like this. This is highly unusual.” … Read more >>

Researcher finds oil stuck on seafloor, not degrading as hoped — “Oil-choked bottom-dwelling critters” photographed

Scientists Finds Gulf Bottom Still Oily, Dead, Associated Press, February 19, 2011:

A University …

Biocide: Corexit prevents microbes from digesting the oil says official

Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe’s January 16, 2011 letter: 

Government officials stated over and …

Bacteria that eat oil “are known to mimic testosterone and estrogen” — “Exceedingly low concentrations” may “hamper endocrine functions”

“The endocrine system is instrumental in regulating mood, growth and development, tissue function, and metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes.” … Read more >>

Why top scientists are NOT convinced by new report claiming methane has “vanished” from Gulf

Methane from BP spill goes missing, ScienceNews, January 6, 2011:

Methane, the predominant hydrocarbon …

Expert on ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria: At least six different types of vibrios found at Deepwater Horizon site (VIDEO)

Scientists busy studying “oil spill” questions, WLOX, November 4, 2010:

Dr. Grimes is especially …

“It’s Raining Bacteria”: Rain can spread flesh-eating microbes via “bio-aerosols” — “Also led to skin allergies and rashes”

Watch out, it’s raining bacteria, Daily News & Analysis (Mumbai, India), October 26, 2010:

…

Methane concerns: Possible “fundamental shift” in Gulf’s microbial ecosystem and amount of bacteria — “We’re going to have to watch this”

What Lies Beneath, National Wildlife Foundation, October 4, 2010:

[E]xperts say [recently discovered …

Washington Post Columnist: Look closely at BP’s logo — “It’s a toxic, flesh-eating spore”

Taking a hard line on BP, Washington Post, June 16, 2010:

Look closely at …

Dispersant-aided biodegradation may cause “a different ecosystem” to grow in Gulf says EPA administrator (VIDEO)

National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, September 27, … Read more >>

More reports of flesh-eating bacteria in the Gulf — 12 y/o dies after only his feet touched the water (VIDEO)

The WDSU report notes the risk of infection by the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio vulnificus … Read more >>

Plumes of Corexit/oil mix causing microorganisms to have “mutant DNA” that can be “passed on” says USF researcher appearing tomorrow on National Geographic

USF research included in TV special on Gulf spill, Tampa Tribune, September 27, 2010:

…

“Super bug”: Oil pollution expert says genes of microbes have been modified to “EAT oil better” — Rashes may be caused by MRSA-like infection (VIDEO)

Interview with toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott, Ring of Fire Radio (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September … Read more >>

State biologist claims massive fish kills “are NOT a concern” — Then says could be from oil-eating microbes, “I don’t know” (VIDEO)

Three massive fish kills in one week in Plaquemines Parish have raised some serious … Read more >>

ALERT: BP-funded scientist admits oiled areas treated with DISPERSANTS HAVE STILL NOT RECOVERED AFTER 30 YEARS – Untreated areas OK in FIVE YEARS (VIDEO)

Mircrobial Ecologist Terry Hazen, who claims microbes have eaten away BP’s undersea plumes of … Read more >>

Before Dr. Riki Ott: Are oil-eating microbes affecting humans? Corexit dispersant may genetically change bacteria in Gulf (VIDEO)

Recently FOSL has been contacted by readers who are experiencing rashes that have yet … Read more >>

Plume study author: “Oil-gobbling properties of the microbes have been GROSSLY OVERSTATED”

Oil-eating microbes may not be all they’re cracked up to be, Yahoo (Upshot Blog), … Read more >>

“Outbreak”: Toxicologist finds “mysterious PERSISTENT rashes” from Louisiana to TAMPA-area — “Some of the oil-eating bacteria have been GENETICALLY MODIFIED” (PHOTOS)

I now think the Great Gulf Experiment is going very badly for humans – … Read more >>

Kessler/Valentine Findings: “Potential for a MUCH longer-lived METHANE plume in the deep ocean, with unknown consequences” — Due to “SLOW consumption rate”

Scientists document fate of deep hydrocarbon plumes in Gulf oil spill, PhysOrg.com, September 16, … Read more >>

Senior Scientist: “The rich diversity of species in the Gulf” may be replaced with only “JELLYFISH and BACTERIA”

Panel says BP oil spill threatens Gulf’s resources, Gainesville Sun, September 14, 2010

[Marine …