“When you look at the underlying evidence, it simply isn’t there” says retired NOAA chemist about Feds’ new oil estimates

“I’m concerned that this will be used to justify unwarranted dispersant use on future spills.” … Read more >>

“May spark a whole new debate”: Scientist “astonished” that he found so much crude — Questions whether NOAA “dramatically understated” amount of oil in Gulf (VIDEO)

Government estimates of oil in Gulf may miss mark, Fox 8 New Orleans, October … Read more >>

White House official: “Nobody set out to pull the wool over the country’s eyes”

WH Responds to Critical Reports from Oil Commission, ABC News, October 06, 2010:

[T]wo …

Escambia County Commissioner: Up to 350,000,000 gallons of oil released by BP’s blow-out according to some scientists

Oil spill: BP reverses, admits there’s oil in local waters, Pensacola News Journal, August … Read more >>

Expert panel estimates ONLY “8 PERCENT of the total oil released into the water” has DEGRADED

Most BP Oil Still Pollutes the Gulf, Scientists Conclude, US News and World Report, … Read more >>

Feds not including METHANE gas in public calculations — Adds over 100 MILLION gallons of oil equivalent to BP’s hydrocarbon total (VIDEO)

Calls for better seafood testing as Gulf fishing begins anew, CNN, August 17, 2010:

…

NOAA offical forced to admit that 75% of oil still in Gulf — But only while testifying before congress (VIDEO)

Still, PBS reported last night, “Jane Lubchenco, the head of NOAA, said at a … Read more >>

Top oceanographer: Feds “misleading” public, only 10 PERCENT of oil has been removed from ocean

Today, the Guardian is reporting, “Ian MacDonald, an oceanographer at Florida State University, said … Read more >>

MSNBC: Feds receive “tremendous pushback from scientific community” over orchestrated ‘disappearing oil’ act (VIDEO)

MSNBC, August 17, 2010 at 8:35 a.m. EDT:

Top Scientists vs. Feds: Up to 80 PERCENT of BP’s crude remains in Gulf — Submerged oil can’t evaporate

The major media outlets are reporting today that a group University of Georgia scientists, … Read more >>

“150 million gallons remain”; USF professor says 75 percent of oil has yet to be found

The Palm Beach Post reports, “The federal report acknowledges that of the 205 million … Read more >>

Corexit submerges about “70% of the crude” oil according to peer-reviewed studies; Likely much higher when applied sub-surface

The August 4 ‘Oil Budget’ released by the federal government states that only 26 … Read more >>

NYT: Scientists say MOST oil still present; Feds claims are “NOT backed up by either the report or the conditions in the ocean”

“The vast majority of the oil is gone,” said Carol Browner, President Obama’s top … Read more >>