“Strong police presence” at Feinberg’s town hall meetings as local officials reference Arizona massacre

“This deal that happened in Arizona opened all our eyes.” Bayou La Batre Mayor Stan Wright … Read more >>

“Some say what he is doing is criminal”: Feinberg and BP are holding the people “hostage” according to Business Support Center

“Frustrations over the claims process continue to build as small businesses struggle to survive.” … Read more >>

TV: Is beach cleanup “all for nothing”? — Oil is still in the water (VIDEO)

Cleaning It Up – Surf and Sand, WKRG, January 4, 2011:

Clean up of …

Doomed: “They destroyed our lives” says business owner — “I’m done. It’s just too much. I’m about ready for counseling”

Cleanup of Gulf Coast nears end, but buried oil in sands may linger for … Read more >>

“Giant” 1/8 MILE glob of oil washes up in Orange Beach — “Overwhelming smell” (VIDEO)

Beach clean up crews are scrambling to clean up a giant tar mat that’s … Read more >>

“Problem is continuing to exacerbate” — 50% of all people survey on Alabama coast “invited to begin treatment”

“We’re hearing many stories of financial ruin and people losing everything they worked for,” said Robin Riggins, executive director of the Baldwin County Mental Health Center. … Read more >>

While you were breathing: 99.8 ppm VOCs measured at Orange Beach, AL as well was capped– “Amazing” says scientist (VIDEO)

Different types of VOCs include benzene, toluene, xylene, and ethylbenzene. … Read more >>

Orange Beach: “Billions of tar balls” (VIDEO)

Is “Operation Deep Clean” Working?, WKRG, November 5, 2010:

Darrell Finley, Orange Beach, AL: …

Desperation: “Local economy will completely collapse” without help soon — “Going to be true devastation” (VIDEO)

At noon on Monday, what should be the middle of the lunch rush, there were only two tables in the restaurant. … Read more >>

National Geographic: Aerial photo of shoreline in Orange Beach, AL near Florida border

This Month in Photo of the Day, National Geographic, October 12, 2010:

Orange Beach, …

“They’re still spraying dispersant” on “big pockets of oil” thinks chemist who tested inland waters

Oil dispersant subject of Orange Beach tests; chemist says he found Corexit, Press-Register, October … Read more >>

Orange Beach: For MONTHS locals complain of illnesses suspected to be from oil/dispersant — Official says “there may be something down there”

Oil dispersant subject of Orange Beach tests; chemist says he found Corexit, Press-register, October … Read more >>

“You may have thought the fun ended when summer was over” on Alabama’s coast — Don’t forget the much anticipated shrimp festival (VIDEO)

h/t PrjGulfImpact


Claims DENIED for dozens of businesses just hundreds of feet from water… ON ISLAND with “oil all around us” — “No way to appeal” (VIDEO)

Alabama Leads in Denied Claims, WKRG, September 24, 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

Jeff Silvers… [says] …

Air monitoring in Orange Beach, AL reported to have reached 110 ppm of VOCs within 15 minutes — Testing crew quickly abandoned area

The Untold Story of Human Health Effects From BP’s Oil Disaster, Glynn Wilson, September … Read more >>

1,000 ppb TOLUENE found in INLAND waters near Florida border; “Hydrocarbon levels that exceed safe exposure limits” present in multiple areas (RESULTS & AUDIO)

Summary of WATER Sample Laboratory Results — MC252 Oil Release, City of Orange Beach, … Read more >>

“OIL WAS APPARENTLY AIRBORNE” says city-employed geologist — Reports of “oily brown substance” on people and objects; Impacted area stretches for miles (PHOTO & AUDIO)

Listen at 9:00 a.m. to Morning Edition’s report ‘Gulf Communities Investigate Spill’s Oily Residue‘.

…

Project Gulf Impact photographs oil and possible freshly applied dispersant near Alabama coast (PHOTOS)

Project Gulf Impact: “We’re seeing way more dispersant than ever before – large, thick … Read more >>