Scientists report “NEW plume of oil” with “millions of specks of reddish-brown oil in it”

Scientists Find New Oil Plume In Gulf, CBS 4, October 28, 2010:

Scientists speaking …

Giant oil plume appears to have climbed into shallower waters of continental shelf (VIDEO)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute published the following labeled image, that clearly shows the plume … Read more >>

*BREAKING* Gulf researchers discover SIX INCHES of “oily snow” on seafloor

Degraded Oil From BP Spill Coats Gulf Seafloor, LiveScience, September 21, 2010 5:45 p.m. … Read more >>

Kessler/Valentine Findings: “Potential for a MUCH longer-lived METHANE plume in the deep ocean, with unknown consequences” — Due to “SLOW consumption rate”

Scientists document fate of deep hydrocarbon plumes in Gulf oil spill,, September 16, … Read more >>

Science News: 3 or 4 giant underwater plumes have been reported — “There MAY BE MANY of these plumes crawling along, deep underwater”

Gulf oil finds many paths, ScienceNews, September 7, 2010:


A team from the …

Plume? Stationary ROV covered by non-stop ‘clouds’ on seafloor (VIDEO)

Live feed from Development Driller 2 ROV 1, September 3, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. … Read more >>

University Dept. Chair: DEADLY PLUMES OF OIL –”Only ONE ENCOUNTER would be FATAL” for hundreds of planktonic species

Experts: Submerged oil threatens organisms, Press-Register, August 28, 2010:

Robert Shipp, chairman of the …

Top marine scientist: Generations of filter-feeders could be lost — “Basically every species” in Gulf spends time as filter-feeder, including newborn BLUEFIN TUNA

Experts: Submerged oil threatens organisms, Press-Register, August 28, 2010:

Robert Shipp, chairman of the …

Study claiming bacteria is rapidly degrading oil without depleting oxygen is FUNDED by BP and FEDS

Microbe cleaned up spilt oil, scientists say, Sydney Morning Herald, August 26, 2010:

The …

How the Feds NEVER manage to find submerged oil when taking the media on tours: Fishermen use SONAR to locate underwater crude (VIDEO)

Fishing Industry in Gulf Still Worried About Levels of Toxins in the Water and … Read more >>

More on USF report: Newborn fish “ingesting pure oil”; Organisms showed a “strong toxic response” scientists say

CNN has another article on the report by University of South Florida researchers, “Initial … Read more >>

Oil on seafloor heading east, researchers worry toxic crude will resurface (VIDEO)

According to CNN‘s report ‘Plumes of Gulf oil spreading east on sea floor,’ University … Read more >>

Matt Simmons: “We’ll paint the Gulf Coast” if a hurricane comes onshore after upwelling oil (VIDEO)

Matthew Simmons Interview, Tru News, June 28, 2010:

Rush Transcript Excerpts

SIMMONS: Hurricanes churn …

Plumes preserved underwater “like a giant refrigerator”; It’s the “Beast that we’re going to have to deal with in the future”

Tech scientists hold nothing back in battling effects of Gulf spill, Lubbock Avalanche-Journal (Texas), … Read more >>

Methane plumes “flowing upslope” into shallower water; “Further up in the water column than we had seen” says scientist

Scientists from St. Petersburg find high methane readings near oil disaster site, St. Petersburg … Read more >>

Breaking: NOAA scientists say “Oil plume located off Florida’s southwest coast and heading toward the Tortugas” in the Florida Keys

UM/CIMAS and NOAA/AOML Scientists Locate Oil Plume, University of Miami News Release:

Using these …

Video: Florida Senator spots 40 mile long plume of thick oil “that came to surface from the bottom of the Gulf”

Senator LeMieux: Oil Leak’s Most Serious Threat Is Rising To The Surface, ABC Channel … Read more >>

Underwater cloud of oil moving southeast, 142 miles from Deepwater Horizon blowout

MSNBC, June 8:

Clouds of oil have been found drifting underwater in the Gulf … Read more >>

Ocean current expert: Oil plumes “could wash ashore in six months or a year”


Here’s a troubling scenario: A year from now, a giant plume of oil … Read more >>

It’s Clear… Finder of Undersea Plume: ‘Petroleum has extracted itself from the crude and is now incorporated into the waters with solvents’

Excerpts from BP oil spill: death and devastation and it’s just the start, The … Read more >>

Research vessel: Clear water from invisible plume has ‘oil sheen’ and smells ‘strongly of petroleum’

By Samantha Joye, published May 31, 2010 at 12:38am:

The main plume extends from …

Professor: Deep sea camera deployed tonight to study underwater plume

Professor Samantha Joye, University of Georgia Department of Marine Sciences: We are [to begin] using … Read more >>

Florida to be devastated by oil plumes not “broken down by sunlight”

AP reports some tragic news for Florida, regarding the sub-sea currents in the Gulf:

…

Massive undersea oil plume heading “toward an underwater canyon whose currents would ferry it straight to Florida’s West Coast”

Scientists: Subsurface oil from Gulf gusher may be heading toward Florida coast, Palm Beach … Read more >>

Expert: “Major concern” that oil beneath surface to be drawn into storm

Tampa Tribune:

University of Miami professor Nick Shay had seen footage of the Gulf … Read more >>

Washington Post: 20 mile plume ‘east of leak’; ‘Has not reached Florida’

“In the discovery described Thursday, scientists aboard a University of South Florida research vessel … Read more >>

Scientist wonder if underwater plumes to surface

Warning! Latest informati0n on the discovery of undersea plumes:

Excerpts from the Miami Herald:

…

Seattle Times: Dangers lurk deep for all ocean creatures from oil


The millions of gallons of oil moving about under water have the potential … Read more >>

AP: Oil Plume Significantly Darker; Expert Says That Means Heavier, More-polluting Oil

CBS News:

The underwater plume [is] getting significantly darker. A top oil engineering expert … Read more >>