100 percent killed? Thad Allen qualifies statement: Well is “EFFECTIVELY” dead

Today’s carefully worded release may sound familiar to those who read his statement from … Read more >>

BP: 11 pm pressure test is the only way to see if well is dead

Engineers: 1 more pressure test to declare BP well officially dead, Associated Press, September … Read more >>

Feds: NO communication between annulus and reservoir — Bob Cavnar: “THERE IS COMMUNICATION WITH THE RESERVOIR”

Statement from National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen on Relief Well Intercept, September 16, … Read more >>

Feds: “So we’re sort of concerned with the annulus”… if there’s oil in it, or if there’s communication with the reservoir — “I can’t predict what will happen” (VIDEO)

“The final question in this whole killing of the well has been the condition … Read more >>

Feds now say relief well kill may be pushed back to OCTOBER (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, September 8, 2010 at 11:30 a.m. … Read more >>

Feds delay completion of relief well until MID-SEPTEMBER, “HOPEFULLY… HOPEFULLY” — Looking for problematic “MATERIAL” in well (VIDEO)

National Incident Commander Thad Allen on American Morning, CNN, August 19, 2010:

Rush Transcript …

Relief wells and bottom-kill suspended; Officials fear “new leaks may form”

“Relief well and bottom-kill procedures,” reports Bloomberg, “Are suspended until the company completes an … Read more >>

Relief well delayed as Feds order “analysis of the stability of the well”; Restart date is “indeterminate” (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Thad Allen, August 14, 2010 at 2 p.m. … Read more >>

Feds announce ANOTHER blow-out preventer may be added to wellhead (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen, August 13, 2010:

…

Oil expert: BP admits “4,200 psi on the well when it’s supposed to be dead”; “They are indeed communicated to the reservoir below”

Oil and gas expert Bob Cavnar helps us better understand the current state of … Read more >>

Thad Allen mentions SECOND relief well when asked about BP’s future plans for Macondo (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen, August 6, 2010:

Your first …

Feds: “The BIG conversation yesterday REALLY had to do with whether or not the drill pipe was still INTACT” (VIDEO)

Press Briefing by National Incident Commander Admiral Thad Allen, August 5, 2010:

The big …

Debris in relief well may have BP “more worried than it has said publicly”

Is this why BP is hedging on the relief wells?

The AP reveals BP …

*BREAKING* BP may forgo relief wells; Unsure how to use them, it “remains to be seen”

The AP reports, “With engineers only feet away from completing a pair of them … Read more >>

BP: If well “no longer had integrity… nothing would change… we had NEVER counted on the WELL having INTEGRITY” (VIDEO)

BP VP says if ‘static kill’ shows well lacks integrity, BP would be in … Read more >>

RELIEF WELL COLLAPSE? 40 feet of “side walls kind of fell in on itself”; BP to take 24-36 hours removing debris from wellbore (VIDEO)

National Incident Commander Thad Allen Briefing on Gulf Oil Spill, July 30, 2010 at … Read more >>

BP CEO on kill attempt: “There’s no precision, there’s nothing guaranteed, I’m hopeful”

 “It is possible that as early as Monday or Tuesday this well might be … Read more >>

Static Kill and relief wells will be “DELAYED” almost one week; Taking time to make sure “everything is ready”

National Incident Commander Thad Allen said “the timeline for the so-called static kill procedure … Read more >>

Both *Relief Well* Blowout Preventers FAIL; Shear ram would not close, other testing problems

BP relief well blowout preventers needed fixes-Salazar, Reuters, July 13, 2010:

Tests found problems …