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Hundreds and …

27-inch thick layer of oil-contaminated sand found — Researcher hypothesizes they are digging holes and burying it (VIDEO)

Surfrider Foundation: BP Oil Disaster UV Testing Program, bluemountainsurfer, February 28, 2011:

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Toxic sand? Oil on Florida beaches not gone, but pulverized into microscopic particles — A shade darker than before

USF study finds beaches essentially cleaned of oil, Craig Pittman for the St. Petersburg … Read more >>

Latest tests find up to 69 ppm oil on Mobile Bay shoreline (LAB RESULTS)

Samples taken February 15, 2011 in Daphne, AL, eastern shore of Mobile Bay, via … Read more >>

Massive BP operation digs up beach in Santa Rosa, FL looking for buried oil — Coast Guard “wouldn’t elaborate” and workers “refused to comment” (PHOTOS)

60-man crew digs for tar balls in South Walton as a part of ‘normal … Read more >>

BP pressuring Florida county to “sign off” that beaches are clean — Commissioners refuse because of submerged oil (VIDEO)

Getting answers from BP, WEAR, January 20, 2011:

Drilling with heavy equipment to find …

Dig two feet on FL beach and “you’ve struck oil” — “Can contaminate ground water”

Uncovering the Secret in the Sand – Buried Oil Remains After Cleanup, Bob Serata … Read more >>

Thick patches of floating brown foam washing up all over Gulf — Previously tested positive for “oil and dispersants” (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

Long Beach MS: “A water sample taken in an area covered in THICK, BROWN FOAM, contained propylene glycol, one of the confirmed ingredients of Corexit 9500.” … Read more >>

Submerged oil surfaces in Florida (VIDEO)

Tar Balls In Perdido, WEAR TV, January 6, 2011:

Tonight, tar balls are …

Britain: “Mysterious deposits of black sand” and thousands of dead crabs wash ashore

Thousands of crabs die along Thanet’s coast, This is Kent, January 6, 2011:

THOUSANDS …

“Oil is rolling in on the beaches” of Grand Isle; Sand is “turning it black” — “I’ve never seen it looking like this”

More oil coming into Grand Isle, Louisiana Bucket Brigade, January 5, 2011:

Louisiana Bucket …

TV: Is beach cleanup “all for nothing”? — Oil is still in the water (VIDEO)

Cleaning It Up – Surf and Sand, WKRG, January 4, 2011:

Clean up of …

AP: “So much oil under the sand… may be washing up for months, if not years” — BP worker: “You definitely smell it. It hits you in the face”

Cleanup of Gulf Coast nears end, but buried oil in sands may linger for … Read more >>

Acres of 1″ thick black mats cover beach at Dauphin Island (PHOTOS)

Will Alabama Beaches Never Be The Same?, John Wathen via BP Oil Slick, December … Read more >>

Rainbow foam washing up in Alabama — “Thick, brown sludge” along top of sand (VIDEO)

Will Our Beaches Never Be The Same, hccreekkeeper, December 15, 2010:

At 4:00 minutes …

“The area you cleaned yesterday overnight becomes soiled again” — Amount of workers to DOUBLE says coordinator

“It was absolutely disheartening the amount of oil that is still out there,” Terry Morris, oil spill coordinator for the Gulf Islands National Seashore, said … Read more >>

Feds said workers could only dig 3 INCHES looking for oil, can now go 6 inches

Oil spill response remains a daily affair on islands, Mississippi Press, December 03, 2010:

…

Oil toxins on beach seen with UV lighting — more toxic and persistent components of crude appear yellow or orange (PHOTOS)

“They show that even when oil isn’t visible, there are still toxins present.” … Read more >>

NSF-funded workgroup: “Storms are likely to resurrect the oil that is currently hidden from sight” — “Much oil persists” nearshore

MORE: “Effects include tissue damage that affects organ function, damage to the DNA that makes up the genetic code, disruption of hormone functions or decreased growth or hatching success of embryos.” … Read more >>

BP spokesman explains new oil sightings: “As current and weather conditions change, we’ll see more coming up” (VIDEO)

“I think it’s going well. I mean, we do have the crews out here picking up tar balls and tar mats.” … Read more >>

“Oil buried up to FIVE feet deep” on Florida beach reports local news (VIDEO)

Serious effort to remove buried oil, WEAR, November 17, 2010:

If you head out …

Paper: “In the clear Florida water, the rust-colored masses can be seen from boats or while snorkeling”

Press Register: “It is still easy to find dinner plate-sized globs of oil sitting on the bottom of Pensacola Bay…” … Read more >>

Error? Sarasota paper fails to mention lab tests have already matched oil on Sarasota-area beach to BP — Misprints name of ‘Testing the Water’ initiative

Gulf oil spill stirs up activism, Sarasota Herald Tribune, November 12, 2010:

Another organization’s …

Oil under sand still just “as toxic as the fresh oil”: Sample “had to be diluted 20 TIMES to get a reading” — Florida agency says SAME sample NOT toxic

“The crude has very high danger levels of petroleum organics and is not safe for the public to be exposed to.” … Read more >>

*CONFIRMED* Chemist: That’s BP oil on Southwest Florida beach — “Should put to rest any doubt” over origin of 173 ppm oil found in sand near Sarasota

Comparison with BP-Macondo, Control Sample Chromatogram via Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. Test “clearly confirmed a match and is highly accurate and should put to rest any doubt that the oil that we found was ‘sunscreen’, ‘motor oil’, or any other form of ‘naturally present’ contaminant.” … Read more >>

Orange Beach: “Billions of tar balls” (VIDEO)

Is “Operation Deep Clean” Working?, WKRG, November 5, 2010:

Darrell Finley, Orange Beach, AL: …

Head of cleanup on MS island: “Finding more and more and more oil” — “And this is like the fifth time we have come through here” (VIDEO)

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant toured Ship Island Monday to get a first hand look at clean-up efforts. … “I didn’t realize that we still had that much work left to do,” Bryant said. … Read more >>

“As deep as you could go”: No matter how far they dig at beach, the oil is already there — BP dissolved the oil in the water and it seeped into sand

“Sand’s ability to transport water is very high. If the oil gets into the water, it will seep into the sand. No matter how deep they dig, it’s already there. You can treat it, but that’s a lot of sand, as deep as you could go.” … Read more >>

Sand Shark ‘cleans’ Florida beaches — Eyewitness finds “big black chunks” after machine leaves (VIDEO)

Susan Malmberg: I think it’s getting everything? No… all those big black pieces …. big black chunks. … Read more >>

Alabama officials allow up to 50,000 ppm of VISIBLE OIL on some Dauphin Island beaches

Cleanup plan allows oil from Gulf spill to be left behind, Press-Register, October 24, … Read more >>