Researcher finds oil stuck on seafloor, not degrading as hoped — “Oil-choked bottom-dwelling critters” photographed

Scientists Finds Gulf Bottom Still Oily, Dead, Associated Press, February 19, 2011:

A University …

Reporter: “Ninety percent of the oil from the spill hasn’t even made it to the top” — “In no way is this over”

Journalist discusses BP oil spill, Gulf aftermath, Charleston Gazette, February 17, 2011:

[Dahr Jamail] …

“Massive submerged oil tarmats” remain in Gulf waters admits Coast Guard — “More toxic than tarballs” (VIDEO)

Coast Guard Oil Cleanup Report, WEAR, February 13, 2011:

[T]he Coast Guard is saying …

“Football field” of submerged crude found on Florida beach; Officials say “oil washing onshore everyday” — BP claims “the sand is clean” (VIDEO)

BP Beach Cleanup, WEAR ABC 3, February 12, 2011:

Transcript Excerpts

… BP is …

“We’re history” if submerged oil washes ashore during a heavy storm says restaurant owner — “He’s worried about what remains in the Gulf”

Gulf Oil Spill: Tracking the Claims – Mysteries abound in the process, January 30, … Read more >>

Local offical: “There was never any nearshore sampling” for submerged oil — BP admits “no one in the local beach cleanup is actually surveying” for it (VIDEO)

Getting answers from BP, WEAR, January 19, 2011:

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WEAR-TV: But commissioners are…worried …

USF researchers find layers “up to 5 times thicker” than in August — “Oil’s presence on the ocean floor didn’t diminish with time; it grew”

“The layer is distributed very widely,” radiating far out from the wellhead … Read more >>

Oil “melt” next summer? Warm water allows submerged oil to surface says environmental expert

BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill leaves Gulf coast forever changed, Gulfbreeze News, December 30, … Read more >>

BP/Feds did not look for oil in water more than 10 feet deep… due to “restriction”

Government report: Not much subsea oil, but tar mats from oil spill still near … Read more >>

Boat engine causes oil to rise from seafloor — “Just dead, everything’s dead” (VIDEO)

Louisiana BP OIL SPILL 8 Months on Part 2, rawimagefilms, November 24, 2010:

…

“Reefs of oil” on the ocean bottom near the coast says former cleanup worker

On Thanksgiving, Gulf Oil Disaster Victims Hope for the Truth, NRDC Switchboard by Rocky … Read more >>

Paper: “In the clear Florida water, the rust-colored masses can be seen from boats or while snorkeling”

Press Register: “It is still easy to find dinner plate-sized globs of oil sitting on the bottom of Pensacola Bay…” … Read more >>

Oil under sand still just “as toxic as the fresh oil”: Sample “had to be diluted 20 TIMES to get a reading” — Florida agency says SAME sample NOT toxic

“The crude has very high danger levels of petroleum organics and is not safe for the public to be exposed to.” … Read more >>

Tears after heartbreaking discovery near FL border: “Massive amounts of submerged and sub-surface oil” pushed on to beaches — “Neverending” (VIDEO)

Locals and tourists made the disgusting discovery while during their morning beach walks and jogs. No one was available from BP to answer questions. … Read more >>

Scientists report “NEW plume of oil” with “millions of specks of reddish-brown oil in it”

Scientists Find New Oil Plume In Gulf, CBS 4, October 28, 2010:

Scientists speaking …

Today’s Front Page: “Off the Charts” “Sky-High” “Extreme Toxicity” “Very Alarming” “Frightening” — Local Florida official finds the oil

Fort McRae oil very toxic to humans, Gulf Breeze News by Scott Page, October … Read more >>

Submerged oil surfaces: Fishermen say 10 MILE patch of brown foam “5 INCHES THICK with red swirls of oil”

Despite Heavy Oil, Louisiana Keeps Fisheries Open, Dahr Jamail for Inter Press Service, October … Read more >>

Gulf Coast panel: “ALL of the speakers told of ONGOING RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS” — Recontamination from “thick layer of oil on the bottom”

Six Months, Five Shrimp, and One Nasty Mess: Health & Seafood Safety Concerns from … Read more >>

Local official: We’re finding oil on seafloor, but no one will clean it up — Told just let mother nature handle it (VIDEO)

Oyster Fest is a success, but fishermen fear uncertain future, Fox8 New Orleans, October … Read more >>

100 miles SOUTHEAST of blow-out: Oil appeared from “100 meters from the surface all the way down to 1,200 meters”

What Lies Beneath, National Wildlife Foundation, October 4, 2010:

A research team from …

State Official: So much buried oil, boat motors “turn up globules of oil” and leave a trail of “long sheen”

Measuring number of dead ducks caused by oil spill proves difficulty, Times-Picayune, October 03, … Read more >>

Giant oil plume appears to have climbed into shallower waters of continental shelf (VIDEO)

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute published the following labeled image, that clearly shows the plume … Read more >>

NOAA finds “NO VISIBLE OIL” in any samples of sea floor from “areas around the site” of BP’s blow-out

NOAA says sediment on Gulf floor not visibly oiled, Associated Press, September 30, 2010:

…

Researcher finds layer of “slime” up to four inches thick at bottom of Gulf that’s “affecting” marine life

Scientist: ‘Slime Highway’ at Bottom of Gulf, Fox Atlanta, September 30, 2010:


A …

Microbiologist researching “fish with mutated gills or mutated fins” via changes to DNA from oil; Mutations can be inherited and permanent — What about microbes? (VIDEO)

National Geographic oil spill special features USF Scientist, ABC 10 Tampa, September 28, 2010:

…

Head of EPA says that using dispersants in the Gulf was a “VERY EVIL” situation (VIDEO)

National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling, September 27, … Read more >>

“MOST” of the dispersant used by BP in the Gulf is “still below the surface” says plume researcher

USF research included in TV special on Gulf spill, Tampa Tribune, September 27, 2010:

…

“All we could see was oil” says top LSU researcher on flyover; “Divers said there was oil everywhere” in shallow waters of LA coast — NOAA says clean in 5 weeks?

La. coast hit by more oil, The Advocate (Baton Rouge), September 25, 2010:


…

4 MILES offshore Pensacola: Scuba divers find “what appeared to be tarballs”, “nearby location shows a MUCH THICKER brown film” — Officials deny oil (VIDEO)

Possible oil below the ocean’s surface, WEAR, September 22, 2010:

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As we …

INLAND: Diver discovers 30,000 square foot patch of submerged oil in PENSACOLA BAY

Oil lingering in waters off Alabama, Mississippi and Florida beaches, Press-Register (Ben Raines), September … Read more >>