ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD near SARASOTA, FL — Doctors raise DISPERSANT… Close by where 173 ppm oil found in sand (VIDEO)

Dead swans waking up Southwest Florida news rooms? Now asking asking “could it mean … Read more >>

“Outbreak”: Toxicologist finds “mysterious PERSISTENT rashes” from Louisiana to TAMPA-area — “Some of the oil-eating bacteria have been GENETICALLY MODIFIED” (PHOTOS)

I now think the Great Gulf Experiment is going very badly for humans – … Read more >>

Air quality testing near Tampa shows highest level of VOC-created chemicals of anywhere along Gulf Coast — Borderline “Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups”

Ozone and Your Health, North Carolina Dept. of Health and Human Services:

You might …

Sarasota paper discusses impact of oil reaching SW Florida: Who wants to buy a multi-million dollar home and later have the beach covered in tar balls?

The Sarasota Herald Tribune reports, “[I]f the oil begins south to Tampa-St. Petersburg and … Read more >>

Scientists: Underwater oil plume stretches 24 miles from BP blowout, may be 400 meters thick; HEADING EAST

Samples taken 100 miles offshore Tampa for baseline tests

USF: Underwater oil came …

Oil sheen just offshore Tampa Bay area; “Up to a mile long” (PHOTO)

Coast guard finds fuel sheen off coast of Clearwater, St. Petersburg Times, July 1, … Read more >>

BP Claims Office near Tampa: Commercial fishermen get nothing, “Woman is brought to tears”

Anger growing at Clearwater BP claims office; One woman is brought to tears, ABC … Read more >>

Once oil crosses continental shelf, likely to “affect Florida’s west coast as far south as the Keys”

Florida Keys dodging threat from oil spill, Miami Herald, June 22, 2010:

The more …

CSTARS Director expects oil to “wash ashore near Clearwater, Sarasota, and farther south”; “Oil is slowly creeping along the coast”

Florida Panhandle bracing for more tar balls, oil, Naples Daily News, June 20, 2010:

…

“No one buying” fish from the Tampa Bay area; Fisherman “wondering whether the entire industry will shut down in the next few weeks”

Attorneys advise fishermen about oil spill damages, Hernando Today, June 18, 2010:

“Fish houses …

Flashback: June 8 forecast shows oil boundary 35 miles from Tampa Bay

See our progression of Tampa Bay-area oil forecast projections:

New NOAA Forecast: Oil spill …

Long ribbons of orange-brown oil spotted 4 miles off Tampa Bay coast; Smelled like oil, felt like oil, couldn’t get it off hands (Photos)

4 miles from Tampa Bay (Bay News 9)

Traces of oil off Pinellas …

Tampa Bay Business Journal: “Oil spill is a potential problem for local power plants”

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Coast Guard’s expert details two ways oil could reach the Tampa Bay area

Excerpt from Oil Spill: USF professor weighs in on potential oil risk for Bay … Read more >>

Tampa Tribune: USF Scientists “confirmed a low concentration of oil off the southern tip of Florida”

Tests show oil clouds drifting more than 100 miles from Deepwater Horizon site, St. … Read more >>

New NOAA Forecast: Oil spill 35 miles from Tampa Bay area by June 8

NOAA 72-hour offshore trajectory forecast for noon June 6, 2010 – June 8, … Read more >>

Tampa-area nuclear plant operator: “Intake canals bring water from the Gulf of Mexico” for cooling; Power shutdowns if oil arrives

Progress Energy Florida Press Release:

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Progress Energy Florida is working … Read more >>

West Florida nuclear power operators preparing for ‘devastating effects of oil entering their plants’

Excerpts from AM 850 (Tampa Bay):

[N]uclear power plants along Florida’s Gulf coast are … Read more >>

Oil Spill 50 miles from Tampa by June 6 says NOAA forecast

…

Dr. on MSNBC at 11:30am EST: COREXIT “similar to Agent Orange in the 1960′s”

Dr. Seth Forman [said] “We will see the effects of this for years to … Read more >>

Expert: Oil spill to reach shore ‘much more quickly’ once oil spill nears Florida’s west coast

Excerpts from

Worse, if an oil spill got into Tampa Bay, getting it … Read more >>

Oceanographer: Tampa sea breeze to bring ‘toxic fumes’ onshore

Excerpts from

The daily sea breeze would bring the possibly toxic fumes from … Read more >>

Oil Forecast: Spill drifting toward Florida’s West Coast; 120 miles from Tampa Bay

WFSFCS West Florida Continental Shelf forecast of surface trajectories for Gulf of Mexico Oil … Read more >>