Mahogany Tide: Toxic plankton invades Mobile Bay — Known to cause death and illness in humans after consuming poisoned shellfish (PHOTOS)

Mobile Bay, Mobile, Alabama, Kathy Looney, March 3, 2011:

This morning I spoke with …

Fox News Flashback: Workers stripped naked and scrubbed down by man in space suit — Yet cleanup crews couldn’t wear respirators (VIDEO)

Gulf Oil Spill Workers Reporting Illness, June 22, 2010: Dr. Manny Alvarez investigates health impact of chemical exposure … Read more >>

Paper: Blood tests “show a connection between reported illnesses and crude oil released from BP” — They are the “canary in the coal mine”

“Test results from blood drawn among residents and workers along the Gulf coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama show a connection between reported illnesses and crude oil released from BP Deepwater Horizon explosion” … Read more >>

Experts: What to do if you’ve been made ill by exposure to the oil disaster

Ill workers’ blood shows link to BP crude oil, Tri-Parish Times, January 13, 2011:

…

“Caustic chemical burns”: Workers pressure wash heavily oiled boats with NO respirators… While using a “toxic” cleaning agent — Valdez Part 2? (PHOTO & VIDEO)

“After a decade battling odd illnesses, some spill workers have concluded Exxon’s health claims were wrong, and two dozen have filed suit. They think the oil they cleaned up, the oil mist they breathed, and the chemical cleaners they handled made them sick and may be slowly killing them.” … Read more >>

46 ppm of toxic parts of crude oil found in jellyfish eaten by bottlenose dolphins

NEW TEST RESULTS: Sea Nettles – A Common Food for Bottlenose Dolphins – Contaminated … Read more >>

Dispersant use contaminates volume of water with up to 1,000 more PAHs — What’s worse? These toxic parts of oil remain longest

“This idea that there’s an oil biodegradation rate doesn’t hold,” says Ronald Atlas, a microbiologist at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, who has studied the aftermath of the 1989 Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. … Read more >>

Oil under sand still just “as toxic as the fresh oil”: Sample “had to be diluted 20 TIMES to get a reading” — Florida agency says SAME sample NOT toxic

“The crude has very high danger levels of petroleum organics and is not safe for the public to be exposed to.” … Read more >>

FL Fisherman: “Like having a chemical dump site and not telling anyone” — “Oh no, I’m cleaning flounders right now that I just caught within eyesight of there”

Angler Mark Fuqua was shocked to find out on Tuesday that there still was that much oil out in the bay, especially near one of his favorite fishing holes. … Read more >>

BP (British Parliament) report says Corexit 9500A “among the MOST CYTOTOXIC” dispersants studied — “Major concerns by lead scientists”

UK Deepwater Drilling – implications of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, UK Parliament, … Read more >>

EPA says Corexit is “perfectly safe” — Compares dispersant to Klondike Bar (VIDEO)

BP “Scientist For A Day” Susan Felio-Price Explains Gov. Correlation of Klondike Bars and … Read more >>

Oil Spill Commission report: Evidence indicates “ionic surfactant” in Corexit 9527 & 9500 “inhibits biodegradation”; “Dispersants and dispersed oil are typically more toxic than oil”

Reports Detail Confusion During Oil Disaster, Courthouse News Service, October 8, 2010:

“[D]ispersants and …

Toxic PAHs “have a shelf life of up to 50 YEARS”

Measuring number of dead ducks caused by oil spill proves difficulty, Times-Picayune, October 03, … Read more >>

BP workers: We were sprayed with dispersant at night by plane with no lights… now skin lesions, fluid in lungs — “We just want medical help” (VIDEO)

Interview with anonymous BP cleanup worker, GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 30, 2010:

Transcript …

“Largest PAH change I’ve seen” in career — Almost all of most toxic compounds showed a 4000% increase “of what would enter into an organism”

An update on the increase in Gulf PAH levels by up to 4000% via … Read more >>

Researchers find up to “40-fold increase” of “toxic” PAHs while sampling air and water along 400 miles of Gulf — Entire month of data lost after device “disappeared”

OSU Researchers find heightened levels of known carcinogens in Gulf, Oregon State University website, … Read more >>

Like an “Acid Cloud”: Entire family sickened — 10 y/o son’s nose “gushing blood everywhere”, daughter “could not breath”… NUMBNESS (VIDEO)

Interview with Lorrie Williams of Ocean Springs MS, GRC Radio (South Carolina), September 24, … Read more >>

ALL KINDS of sea birds PARALYZED and DEAD near SARASOTA, FL — Doctors raise DISPERSANT… Close by where 173 ppm oil found in sand (VIDEO)

Dead swans waking up Southwest Florida news rooms? Now asking asking “could it mean … Read more >>

State: Corexit 9527A ingredient 2-butoxyethanol “should be handled as a CARCINOGEN with EXTREME CAUTION” — NO safe level of exposure say scientists (IMAGE)

BP’s Corexit 9527A, used to disperse the oil, contains between 30-60% 2-butoxyethanol

Hazardous Substance …

RED ZONE: Latest EPA tests show heavy metal in Lake Borgne near New Orleans at HIGHEST level of concern — “Elevated potential for mortality” (LAB RESULTS)

EPA’s Coastal Sediment Sampling:


EPA’s sediment samples collected… September 9-12… along the … Read more >>

“50,000 workers and others exposed during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill” — “Leukemia, multiple myeloma, and melanoma are of particular interest”

Lessons for Study of the Health Effects of Oil Spills, Annals of Internal Medicine … Read more >>

BP crew member diagnosed with “benzene poisoning” — “Paw Paw why you gonna die?” asks crying 5 year old (VIDEO)

See earlier article here: BP cleanup worker, age 35: “GRAVELY ILL” from “BENZENE” exposure, … Read more >>

ALERT: BP-funded scientist admits oiled areas treated with DISPERSANTS HAVE STILL NOT RECOVERED AFTER 30 YEARS – Untreated areas OK in FIVE YEARS (VIDEO)

Mircrobial Ecologist Terry Hazen, who claims microbes have eaten away BP’s undersea plumes of … Read more >>

BP cleanup worker, age 35: “GRAVELY ILL” from “BENZENE” exposure, doctors say medication required to “survive” — Needs help to bathe and dress

Illness from spill unknown still, Houma Today, September 19, 2010:


The 5-year-old [said] …

“Cancer-causing” tar balls can “work their way up the food chain” to humans via tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo

Scientists monitor crucial seaweed for tar, Sarasota Herald, September 12, 2010:


The cancer-causing …

BP cleanup workers “getting RASHES and STUFF LIKE THAT” reveals former crew member — Feds “will study crews’ exposure to oil and dispersants” (VIDEO)

Keeping BP workers out of harms way, WEAR-TV, Friday, September 10 2010:

Transcript Excerpts

…

DISPERSED OIL accumulates in menhaden fish found during massive kills, “MOST LIKELY” going to be “FATAL” — Filter feeder’s mouth “ringed with oil-like chocolate”

Oil dispersants a threat to Gulf breeding grounds, fishery experts say, Palm Beach Post, … Read more >>

Fed-funded Gulf researcher: Bacteria activated by oil can “release the toxic metals” — “SOLID ARSENIC can be dissolved” then “transferred up the food chain” to humans

Auburn University researchers receive funds to investigate effects of oil spill, Auburn Plainsman, … Read more >>

Senior EPA Analyst: All the people that live and work around Gulf are “human guinea pigs” because of “acutely toxic” dispersants (VIDEO)

Is the oil spill clean-up dangerous?, France 24, September 17, 2010:


Hugh Kaufman, …

EPA employee: “Many of the health effects that we hear occurring… is that there was internal hemorrhaging and bleeding from orifices” (VIDEO)

Is the oil spill clean-up dangerous?, France 24, September 17, 2010:


Hugh Kaufman, …