Excerpt from article at heart of NOAA controversy: “Concerns include the potential for dispersants to mutate into new chemical forms” …More

… “and to evaporate and fall back to earth as rain.” … Read more >>

Chemist: Chemicals from dispersed oil “coming down as rain”

“The dispersants are being added to the water and are causing chemical compounds to become water soluble” … Read more >>

“It’s Raining Bacteria”: Rain can spread flesh-eating microbes via “bio-aerosols” — “Also led to skin allergies and rashes”

Watch out, it’s raining bacteria, Daily News & Analysis (Mumbai, India), October 26, 2010:

…

Rainwater test results show increase in toxins AFTER well capped… “Unbelievable”, “Astronomical” — Nitrobenzene & Heavy Metals (VIDEO)

Interview with Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana and Project Gulf Impact, Intel Hub Radio, … Read more >>

On Fox 8: Tests of rainwater showed “aluminum, magnesium, chloride, copper, nickel… things you shouldn’t find” (VIDEO)

People question whether coast really is clear, Fox 8 New Orleans, October 11, 2010 … Read more >>

New reports of ACID RAIN “further INLAND” from Gulf; “Not a big surprise” says reporter — Dispersants can “also be carried inland”

Includes excerpts from a segment by National Geographic released earlier this month. See: TOXIC … Read more >>