Mississippi man’s blood tests show extremely high Xylene, Ethylbenzene — Now passing out for an hour at a time (LAB RESULTS)

Ethylbenzene at 5 times NHANES 95th percentile, Xylene at 4 times. … Read more >>

LSU toxicologist finds benzene and xylene in “troubling” concentrations at beach — “A fresh supply of oil” just offshore

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Gulf resident’s November blood test shows ethylbenzene levels higher than cleanup workers tested in August

“Ethylbenzene is a form of benzene present in the body when it begins to be broken down. The values found in this sample are higher than the values obtained from a sampling in August 2010 of three females and five males who were residents and BP cleanup workers in Alabama and Florida.” – Coastal Rescue … Read more >>

ALL 8 blood samples collected in Florida and Alabama find “4 TIMES the 95th Percentile” of m,p-Xylene

Evaluation of the Results of Whole Blood Volatile Solvents Testing, Chemist Wilma Subra for … Read more >>

7 year-old “covered in blood”, mother with rashes over “entire body” — Tests found elevated HEXANE, xylene, octane from nearby gas well (METHANE)

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