“Talks with BP have become more difficult” because of LACK OF MEDIA COVERAGE say state officials – BP now in “a deny, a delay or a defend mode”

BP dragging its feet on claims, La. officials say, Times-Picayune, October 02, 2010:

State officials say they have noted less cooperation from BP in resolving government claims from the oil spill since the national media coverage shifted away

“There’s a lot of frustration on our part that we’re not getting the answers that we need,” Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Paul Rainwater told the Senate Finance Committee in a hearing Friday. …

Rainwater, [Deputy Commissioner of Administration Mark] Brady and senators on the panel said the talks with BP have become more difficult. They attributed the change to the shift in national focus away from the crisis…

Sen. Gerald Long, R-Winnfield, said he had learned from state negotiators that BP had recently gone into “a deny, a delay or a defend mode.”

8 comments to “Talks with BP have become more difficult” because of LACK OF MEDIA COVERAGE say state officials – BP now in “a deny, a delay or a defend mode”

  • diamondog

    Did you expect anything less- No more media pressure- “If ever was any” MSM maybe..ugh

    Anyone notice the ROV watching is labeled ‘junkshot’… In it for some more BS…All you can say is wow..truly amazing

  • j

    A Blast From the Past… from Shultz, ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ … “I know NOOOThing!” When will every one on the Gulf coast wake up? get on the train, you all have a free ride… ‘I know nothing’… i know nothing, iknownothing, nothing i know… nothing. train. bye.

  • Dixie

    Bastards! May they rot in HELL! Them and the media! TV has become nothing more than a gladiator sport, a diversion. We are nothing more than cockroaches to the elites and that unfortunately includes our military. Personally I think the suicide rate in the military is up because they KNOW what is happening to our Country and they have been taken away so they cannot stop it!

  • BP will continue to avoid the responsib ility of compensation as long as they are allowed. BP has sufficient funds to stuff the pockets of anyone who would have said — and with considerable power, “You’re gonna pay up boy! You’re gonna pay big-time!”

    They’re waiting for the claimants to die. The longer they delay…

  • Wolf

    BP stopped the media because the didn’t want the real story out,the they got the administration to back them on this,bp has even admitted that if we stop them from being able to drill the 29 billion may never come to past ,and everyone needs to rember somethin like 40% of Americain companies owhn bp

  • Gary

    Time to attack then, BP should be become USA oil
    All BP execs deported or executed for terrorist activies.
    Its not that hard unless Thad Alvin the chipmuck TRAITOR is on your side
    Execute that traitor to
    This is war people
    Gulf War II and you lost
    Genocide is the name of the game
    Please take a Brit exec with you

  • Toby

    BP is your friend
    Obama loves you
    Corexit is made out of magical pixie dust

  • ArgotMay

    A.B.C. has nothing on Riki Ott, Kindra Arnesen, 3 items on the gulf oil spill for this week, but one is the sellouts of the gulf ‘National Geographic’ (where have you been?!), and another sell out piece about how Pepsi is going to help out.

    C.B.S. hasn’t had anything of Riki Ott’s since 7/14 (one item), one item on Kindra from 6/9, and nothing on the spill itself since 9/9!!!

    MSNBC Has a good number of quality items. They are missing some important stuff, but are way more gutsy than the other sell-outs.

    I don’t watch t.v, but most do- so thought that might help.

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