Taxi refuses to pick up news reporter because of BP — “It was clear who was in the driver’s seat”

When Oil and Water Mix, Discover Magazine, December 5, 2010:

I watched a frenzy of activity as locals prepared to deal with tainted marshes, sickened fish, and tarred wildlife.

Frustrated scientists I met along the Alabama coast spoke out against the possible toxicity of the Corexit 9500 dispersant that BP was using to break up the slick.

But perhaps my moment of arrival at the Gulf Coast best illustrates the local scene. At the airport in Mobile, the first taxi I called refused to pick me up. In a cool Southern drawl the dispatcher explained they could only transport BP folk. It was clear who was in the driver’s seat. 

9 comments to Taxi refuses to pick up news reporter because of BP — “It was clear who was in the driver’s seat”

  • xdrfox

    You worried us all ! : |

  • Daniel Hughes

    Here, too. Thought for sure that BP or the US Government had shut down FOSL for good.

  • soozla

    I was worried too–thanks for being here FOSL

  • Dixie

    Same here! I was worried when for about 4 days there was no new news! I have given this site to a lot of people to use to see what is REALLY happening on the Gulf!

  • Daniel Hughes

    Ya know, we should learn from this.

    I think Alex Jones has alternate websites set up in case and are taken down by the opposition. I know NOTHING of this type of technology, but perhaps someone does who reads here regularly and another site or sites could be constructed in case the Evil Ones actually do manage to shut off the information.

    Just an idea.

  • HopeSprings

    I, too, am glad to see things are back to normal here. I check this site daily to find out what’s really going on.

    FYI: Jesse Ventura’s show “Conspiracy Theories” airs on TrueTV tonight – 10PM EST.

    Tonight’s show (if it is allowed to be aired) features the discovery of the real plans BP and other oil companies have for the Gulf Coast states.

    Luckily, for those of us who don’t have cable or satellite, these shows are posted on YouTube in a day or two.

    Search YouTube for: “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory 2010” and you’ll find the current season’s shows.

  • If you really like Alex Jones please listen to his broadcast, and he will tell you how you may cope if his show is shut down; they are after Alex Jones because they are afraid that his information will spread through America like a wildfire. And that’s the last thing they want!

    Although I’m sure you’re a fine person, I would not respond by giving such information to another on a blog. Heck, you could be covert FBI or CIA.

  • soozla

    I appreciate any coverage anywhere about the disaster on the GOM.
    FEMA-is designed to deal with the best interests of the government not the people.
    Why any one in that area would trust FEMA after Katrina, heaven only knows.

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