Tears: “You’re gonna realize it later I guess, it’s gonna be a big shock to everyone… it’s gone, it’s done” (VIDEO)

Crude Awakening, journeymanpictures, October 24, 2010:

You’re gonna realize it later… it’s gonna be a big shock to everyone… because it’s gone, it’s done…

Full video here:

11 comments to Tears: “You’re gonna realize it later I guess, it’s gonna be a big shock to everyone… it’s gone, it’s done” (VIDEO)

  • Because

    Oh there is something WAY more sinister here than everyone knows. This is more than just BP and oil in my opinion. This is “someone’s” agenda.

  • Canuck

    “a waiver that you have to sign to sell the shrimp that says you are liable if anybody gets sick from it”

    …WTF?? The fisherman are libale for the safety of the seafood? Unreal.

  • albert trimble

    Good for her. It’s about time somebody stood up to Barbour. He couldn’t care less for these people; he wants to minimize the damage to the GOP and BP. If all these church people in Mississippi weren’t so brainwashed they could see who has been making their lives so miserable; the very conservative politicians who they vote for. Not that the Democrats have stood up to them; they lost their spine in the Clinton years, I guess. Now the poor people of the Gulf states and of the U.S. in general are bankrupt and demoralized by confiscatory, predatory capitalism. Keep voting for the same masters.

  • ghana

    There is no spark in America! They tested the waters in the 60′s killing movement leaders and Peace Lovers in the 70′s. American’s sat like the bitches they are and let their neighbor’s kids get killed. Doing it again today… yes, I am vocal and march against WAR! It’s the reason our Gulf is dying! Like father like daughter and like mother like son.

    Why the govenors and legislators of these 4 Gulf states are still walking around freely speaks volumes about the current level and degree of cowardice in this country. Am I to believe that Nuss in LA can’t get his county Sheriff and D A to file charges against these criminals and arrest them? B.S. the evidence is there, but the will is extinguished!


    when the majority of a species are too evil and ignorant, time to FLUSH


    sorry I should say MOST instead of merely a majority. I feel bad for those who are good who suffer at the hands of these, espcially the unborn, but its only getting worse and people are nothing but scum in most instances. I dont want to see good people suffer but I am hoping for a cleansing straight from God himself upon all the inhabitants of the earth, and thats exactly where this is headed.

  • Dan

    Or perhaps God is a program, one that the ptb are full aware of and have the technology now to give you exactly what you are expecting.

    What most of you think is going on in the world is just a drop in the bucket to how bad it really is.

    We will continue this existence as long as we rely on what other people tell us. I myself prefer to take back my life by digging deeper, physically, mentally and most of all spiritually.

  • Dan

    Think about it, its reported tpb has all sorts of technology, from beams that can liquify rock for tunneling to engines that run on a power source that produces no pollution and are such a force…

    So technology, physics and metaphysics basically say time travel is possible. Mind manipulation is possible. All potential prophecies all become subject to scrutiny.

    All religion could have been planted so at the appropriate time, tpb can enact whatever scenario (gom) knowing its linked to history, because they created history.

    Dig deeper people, there is something very evil at work here.

  • D. Thomas

    AARGH!!!! Tears and screams!!!! Politicians do not listen to WE THE PEOPLE. Not a shock but it just burns me up! Politicians give preferential treatment to corporations… again. BP is the negligent greedy ahhhhholes; it’s their oil & toxic fix-it and the reason for any waivers.

    Fishermen are the constituents… not BP! What do they have to do to make their representatives represent them?!?! Hire a stinkin lobbyist? I am mad about all the evil layers of BP et al, but the reason we are here is, the real evil at work here is corporate lobbies. As long as there are lobbyists, the corporations get what they want- no amount of reform is enough… end lobbying and close the door for corporate owned of politics!


  • xdrfox

    This video is from back in August, So much here, and why are people losing there homes due to foreclosure IF BP is suppose to be paying them for lost income ? People losing everything while money is set aside to keep these things from happening. SEAFOOD..NOAA Bluebird Scientist said the Gulf is Carcinogenic and that should be the word until PROVING DIFFERENT !

  • work.buy.consume.die.

    Beware. The “agenda” is in the form of a human. Guess who?

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