Tears: At my wits’ end — I’ve lost my job because of BP oil disaster… now I’m going to lose my home (VIDEO)


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12 comments to Tears: At my wits’ end — I’ve lost my job because of BP oil disaster… now I’m going to lose my home (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    BP and their cronies only do what the Gov. allows them to do, too bad you don’t have a Congressman that doesn’t have a backbone or doesn’t take Oil money, you may join the ranks of multiple millions who have lost jobs across this country the last few years, and have lost everything they had worked for, The oil gusher was just another avenue to lose people in the crowds of millions in your shoes of facing destitution while the government figures out more ways to spend money they don’t have and making the American people pay the gambling debts of Bankers greed and tax the public that are getting closer to where you are, never hit home until it hits us and the lights come on at the shape real justice in this country while government wages wars defending other people rights in other countries but forgetting their own peoples and big bad corporations ? Nothing new in mistreatment of people, as these numbers as you appear, maybe, just maybe people will say it’s time to make our government do the right thing, before it is me and my UTUBE video with my loses and despair !

    Sorry about the RANT, but I’m human and been through unjust sh*t too !

    Keep looking for work !
    Cheer up, Your dog is so ugly he’s cute !

  • Jean

    Perri, thanks for sharing your story. You have every right to be angry, especially about Ken Feinberg getting a raise, while you get next to nothing. Sure hope something works out for you! Hang in there!

  • Jane

    When, in God’s name will you wake up and realize the “American Nightmare” is, and always has been, a fu*king SCAM. “your children will be homeless on the very land their father’s fought for” is an understatement. I am literally sick at the thought of my dead father and husband fighting for this country. wHAT A CROCK OF SHIT…

  • harrytheseal

    xdrfox,while I agree with you we are being hosed on an epic scale you got it backwards,the government does what bp says.Isn’t that sick,government for the people by the people,for the people my ass.All they care about is what they have and what they can take from us until yhey kill us…US govermen is probably the biggest evil in the world…we have the money to help ALL of these people but the politicians ain’t giving it up to anyone but themselves and their masters……sorry but I need to rant too…..

  • harrytheseal

    sorry about the misprints but I am mad and scared…the gulf then fukushima..what next..I wonder if we will even have a future lied to about oil..lied to about radiatin from japan,lied to about where our money goes,lied to about everything..just makes me so mad and feel so powerless…like the saying from special forces”kill them all let God sort them out” should be easy for him SEND THEM ALL TO HELL…sorry ranting again……

  • soozla

    Shoot.. I want to rant too..
    There are hearings going on..important hearings. The majority of the population on the GOM are not aware that they are going on..
    These meetings are proving to be a “comedy of errors”…yet the fate of the people of the GOM rests upon the conclusion of such being correct and the findings fair.
    Many of the lawyers in the arena are not educated well enough in the fields of questioning…and trying on the nerves of individuals that are.
    What is legal jargon for..DISGUSTING?

  • soozla


    The effects of the lost laptop on the people..who have claims pending..

  • I bow my head to you in your courage for sharing your story. I’m sure you’re just 1 of MANY people affected by this disaster and your video is being watched (obviously). Just keep your head up, keep fighting and your prayers WILL be answered. Have you heard anything yet?

  • thk630

    BP paid me for loss of income in May and June. As soon as it was announced that GCCF was taking over, BP stopped paying. I filed on Aug 23 and GCCF denied my claim on Nov 29. They paid my co worker in full on Sept 7,2010. I only wish they would have paid me six months loss of income.

  • soozla

    Sorry off topic..sorta…

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