Senior Scientist: Still NO testing for heavy metals OR dispersant (VIDEO)

NRDC’s Gina Solomon on Trying to Pin Down The FDA for Answers, ProjectGulfImpact, October 24, 2010:

Full video here:

5 comments to Senior Scientist: Still NO testing for heavy metals OR dispersant (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    Come on Folks,… They can’t even find oil in the Gulf ! HELL-O !!!!

  • albert trimble

    The scientists and researchers are being pressured not to find anything. They have no allies in the government. The government used to run interference between corporations and the public; now the government is a servant of the corporations, not of actual people. Maybe the people should incorporate and become corporations; then the Supreme Court would recognize people as persons.

  • Daniel Hughes

    No, no. They did test for those things. They sent the samples to Poland for testing, and they should be back by June 2011 to set our minds at rest.

    By the way, what about those Vikings/Falcons/Rangers/[your team here]? Think they might go all the way!!!

  • ghana

    People have already been incorporated; your social security number and birth certificate are your corporate documents. Your tax reporting is your corporate tax filing regardless of the schedules filed i.e., 1040, 1099, S Corp, LLc, C Corp.

  • Daniel Hughes

    Actually, Ghana, I fear those numbers are just property identification numbers. like the VIN on your vehicle.

    They think we are their property, and they have tagged each one of us for whatever purposes may arise.

    What will they do if their property begins to fight back?

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