STILL NO TESTS: State agency could not find “viable samples” from massive fishkills… because fish produce “oil of their own” and could be contaminated — Low oxygen blamed

Low level of oxygen causes Plaquemines fish kills, WWL-TV, September 29, 2010:


The cause of recent fish kills in the waters of Louisiana is due to low levels of oxygen after tests were conducted on the water, since a necropsy couldn’t be performed on the fish...

“Although we tried, we were unable to secure viable samples for necropsy from the most recent fish kill,” said an e-mail from Olivia Watkins, a spokesperson from Wildlife and Fisheries. …

Officials in Plaquemines Parish were concerned that the kills may have been connected to the massive oil spill… as well as the concerns of toxicity with dispersants

“In fact, in all of the fish kills we have seen in the last month, the fish were several days old by the time we were notified… As the bodies decompose, they can become contaminated with other environmental factors. Their bodies also start to produce an oil of their own as they sit in the heat…”

6 comments to STILL NO TESTS: State agency could not find “viable samples” from massive fishkills… because fish produce “oil of their own” and could be contaminated — Low oxygen blamed

  • The biggest bunch of hor$e$hit I have ever heard! The authorities are notified every time there is a fishkill so they are dragging their feet getting there to do testing on a timely basis. THEN they can say that they have no good samples. They are corrupt. If it has anything to do with our government it is corrupt!

  • use your common-sense...

    and survival instincts… ANYONE that has a license to drive can put it together that those waters are HEAVILY contaminated by compounds that kill all life forms–if not immediately, in time, if not in short order. It was the WORST spill in the Northern Hemisphere in world history and the greatest use of banned toxic dispersants in history. What more do you need to know????!!!





  • Jean

    I can smell this bullsh*t all the way over here in Tallahassee!!

  • sam

    Oh that’s funny, i came to say BULLSHIT, and see that is exactly what everyone before had in mind too.

    They don’t even care if they are believable – it’s like opposite world.

  • To: sam
    use your common-sense…
    Anita Stewart

    IMHO you are all absolutely right.

    1). O2 levels: Yes they’re low; the still alive people are walking around in shades-of-blue as I understand.

    2). Fish Necropsy: Yes Olivia Watkins (Wildlife & Fisheries), the fish are dead and are necrotized, but you could have — and still may be able to get your samples. Question is, *do you want to?”
    So what if they have become like a glob of mucoid tissue — the tissue is still there. So get it! We’re talking about lives here; and you, within an agency concerned with the wellbeing of marine and land mammals, as well as infective microorganisms — you’re gonna give us the run-a-round?

    Dispersants: Of course. Chemistry lab tests are capable of discriminating crude oil from the dispersant corexit, and fish proteins — as well as from other biolife proteins. Would expense be the major decisive factor regarding your lack of enthusiam?

    Sample Retrieval: Get yourself a *giant pipette*, a boat, and get out there and vacuum yourself a good specimen for testing. You folks already know how to differentiate between the tissues and chemistries of life — all stages, so get out there and take that sample.

    The lives of people and animals are dependent on a *no excuse* scientific remedy and approach. Don’t try to dazzle us with your ineptitude.

    Are you afraid?

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