“THE REAL DOOMSDAY SCENARIO” is a compromised FORMATION and uncontrolled flow to seafloor: Bob Cavnar on MSNBC (VIDEO)

Countdown with Keith Olbermann, MSNBC, June 8th, 2010:

BOB CAVNAR: “If it [oil & gas] comes into the formation, basically, you’ve got uncontrolled flow to the sea floor.  And that is the doomsday scenario.”

(Longer version at end of post):

Why is this important? At an August 19, 2010 press conference, National Incident Commander Thad Allen referenced the possibility that that formation around the wellbore may have collapsed. See:

17 comments to “THE REAL DOOMSDAY SCENARIO” is a compromised FORMATION and uncontrolled flow to seafloor: Bob Cavnar on MSNBC (VIDEO)

  • Dan

    YAHOO!!!!!! I thought all the doom and gloom was fading away. So glad Rense (who is so trust worthy) has revived the nightmare. If it don’t happen the first time wait a few months a walk it on out again. Thanks Rense.com for being a freakin’ fear monger!!!!!

  • Jimmy

    The more we learn about what really goes on in this world is where fear comes into play. The “mongers” are the hidden hand in the glove. You might want to focus your animosity towards the powers that be, Dan.
    It’s funny how exposing truth has become fear mongering. Ok danny boy, just drink your nice warm koolaid and go back to sleep.

  • AJ Duck

    Dan seems to believe Rense makes up the news by simply listing news stories the MSM fails to report and because of his list doom is certain, Poor Dan is struggling, and projecting his own fears onto Rense and blaming him for it. Move on people, nothing to see here but somebody with little life experience trying sound like an expert.

  • 322skull

    Excellllllennnt….Historia est magistra vitae ………..word for word…………….A fortiori………..322

  • OliverNorthwoods

    This oil rupture is a nasty business. Just ask Matt Simons. You can bet there is air monitoring going on in the Gulf and the results are bad news, which is why that information is being blacked out. I think American citizens of the Gulf are being sacrificed not unlike all those refugees in Pakistan in part of a globalist planned re-shuffling. “Out of site, out of mind,” doesn’t cut it for the 10 or 20% or so of the population that haven’t as yet been turned into vegetables. Most likely this thing is far from over. At the very minimum hundreds of thousands if not millions of people will slowly be sickened and die from the toxins. IMO –the situation could get out of hand at any time.

  • Rick

    Dan is partially right-Rense does fear-monger, & they blame almost everything on “Zionists”.On the other hand, they disperse news not seen on the msm.Take everything & examine it people-the end might be near, then again we might have to suffer a long time under the Global Domination Scheme.I am not crazy enough to know for sure-

  • jack

    rense has been preaching doom and gloom for as long as i can remeber. its been the end of the world everyday according to him. i dont think any of his predictions have ever played out….pick and choose the info you take from that site and always fact check it…peace

  • Ruffcut

    ” Just ask Matt Simons”

    Guy died weeks ago. The main dude who said it is the biggest coverup in american history.

    Media blackouts. Shit, i’ll have to go back to cspan to hear the truth again?

  • Jimmy

    You can call it gloom and doom but Jeff Rense, like it or not, presents a whole lot of things that need to be considered. As with any article you have to use some discretion. I’ve found that most of the articles posted on rense.com are also backed up with sources and with a little investigation, can be verified. As for the zionists, well, they are very busy and always have been. The truth is not very pretty these days. That’s why we get so little of it.

  • What ever this guy is scaring us with, bet the truth is worse. I read a few articles a while back that stated the sea bed would collapse. And when it does, it would be like an exploding volcano with speeds of 500 miles an hour, a wall of water, and gases. it also stated that they we unsure of the size of the wall of water or how far it would reach shore. I also read some articles that stated the different gases and what they are capable of, like taking all the oxygen out of the air, or create fire hurricanes. All this sounds wild until you listen to Russia say the same thing, and they are the experts of the sea floor by far. They said this area is very unstable, and we should do somthing or else. their suggestion was a nuclear bomb, but knew we would not use one because then you would no longer be able to get oil from the Gulf. Go figure, money trumps life everytime.

    I agree with you guys, every story has some information in it. You have to take into account that each of us reading it, and writing them; that we are all on a different level of emotion. denial, lashing out, pointing fingers as long as it does not point at me. But if you were to reduce politics to it’s lowest form, we would see that if we held our family friends, and co workers accountable; then there would be no problems at all. And if you never take responsibility and always blame another; then this can go on forever. It will also make your kids hate you once they figure out your game, and they will figure it out.

    It was good to poinmt out Dan’s mistake, but if you were more healthy, you could have done it in a more productive way. So all of us can learn here, even the ones who are ahead. I like what Mr. Salks said, that we each have it in ourselves to fix our problems, that our genes are already present for the evolution, we only need to see this in each other and encourage it. Wikiquotes has some good quotes of his, worth a look. If you are cutting edge rarical, look up Peter Kropotkin on wikipedia too. He gave up being a prince, left his rich family and frineds, and moved to the woogs in Siberia where he thought animals behaved better than humans. Quite a guy, he proved that Darwin’s survival of the fittest, or the bully always wins to be a crock of do do. It is the mutual aid, cooperation is the key and if any one animal was to be selfish then none of the rest would survive either. He has some really great material, he articulated what we have been talking about. Like, no laws; if society had no laws then we would have to behave. That laws keep a person from being confronted, thus keeps the rich who steel from being confronted by the poor man he stole from. He also speaks about who should own businesses, the people should. We own the planet, so we own the oil; not them.

  • Betsy S.

    I think you do have to look at the MSM and then CSPAN and then alternative sites. Then you have to THINK FOR YOURSELF and draw your own conclusions about what subjects are being reported- or not.

  • Tom

    I am somewhat amused by the people that “shriek” at Rense. To be honest, no one forces you to read a single item on Rense, and no one needs to see shrieking in the comments that are here to learn as much as they can. Let me ask a simple question – if a stalker was standing in the shadows about to kill you and I told you about it, does that make me a fear monger also? On the other hand, if I told you there was three people waiting to knife you when you left your home, and there wasn’t, that might, but only if I knew I was lying, like GWB and the run up to the Iraqi destruction. A fear monger is someone, then, that tries to scare you when he knows nothing is wrong, but someone trying to tell you something that is scary is not. Trouble with this Gulf issue is that we do hear two sides to the story, the ones on Rense, as an example, and the statements made by Allen, but the real difference is that the ones on Rense try to explain in non-jingoist language what is happening, but Allen just parrots the jingoism language of oil that means nothing to those that aren’t ‘in the know’ of the oil exploration industry. And of course that is why we keep coming back to Rense – for information we can understand.

  • Sylvie

    In response to OliverNorthwoods …
    You cannot “just ask” Matt Simmons… he is dead. Alledged heart attack that resulted in drowning in his hot tub… he was very informative about the whole matter and quite open about the cover up by BP and the administration… now he is dead. BUT, his tapes on this are not! Look him up on youtube! Under Matt Simmons and/or Matthew Simmons!

  • Robert

    Remember the “Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” celebrated in American History. According to Dan he should be put down in the history books as a fear monger. Because the news is not what you want to hear doesn’t mean, shoot the messenger.

  • bruce

    It never ceases to amaze me when the un-convienient truth, scary as it may be, gets out, even on the msm, everyone kills the messenger. Some things never change, with stupid, lazy, scared little sheep.

  • James Arthur

    Reply to Dan and other Rense skeptics:
    There is no question who owns and controls the MSM news outlets. If you want to depend on their party line accounts of whats going on in the world, so be it. We are all semites, whether you like (know) it or not. Not all semites are bad and it is certain that very few are righteous.However that is not germain to this discussion.
    There are many non-msm news sources available from which we can seek accurate information on the severity of the deep horizon/BP catastrophe. Summing up the stories and weighing them against my oil industry experience and the prophecies in the Bible, it is my opinion that we have only seen the tip of the iceburg. This is not over yet and is not likely to be in our lifetimes.

  • emile

    I, also, would not criticize Rense for relaying information to us. He is extraordinarily courageous to do this. It is a service to us and to our families. One that we require in order to understand our world and craft a sensible response to our circumstances. I know that he has suffered to raise these questions and concerns. I am certain that he has had adversity thrown his way because he is willing to say things to us that force us to re-evaluate the MSM’s vacuous propagandizing and thereby cause us to seek truth. I can’t say that everything that I read on the Rense site is in total alignment with my own beliefs, BUT I can say that Rense’s fearlessness and his underlying faith in my intelligence, in my capacity to be involved in the discussions that matter, has caused me to elevate the level of my discourse and my research. If he is willing to take these risks to make me aware than I am willing to eschew fear in favor of knowledge and to abandon panic in favor of planning and prayer.

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