“They’re finding all kind of freakin’ dispersant in the water” says fisherman

For bayou Indians, spill threatens a way of life, Associated Press, January 31, 2011:

… “The people have been independent for so long, a lot of them will go trawling, they’ll bring an ice chest (of seafood) to maman, grandpa, auntie, the uncles and all that,” said Thomas Dardar, the principal chief of the United Houma Nation, the largest Indian tribe with about 17,000 members.

“With the oil, how long will it last? Oil isn’t like a hurricane,” he said. “You can’t just pick up after it’s over. The Indians in Alaska after Exxon-Valdez tell us they’ve been dealing with the oil for 20 years.” …

Now it’s nearly impossible to turn a profit for any seafood caught by people like Anthony Dardar, a 28-year-old fisherman in Pointe-Aux-Chenes who’s trying to get back to fishing. He’d just brought in a few sacks of oysters.

“We can’t hardly move the oysters, we could hardly move the shrimp, it’s hard to move the crabs,” he said. “Now, they’re finding all kind of freakin’ dispersant in the water. Who knows about the future.”

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  • matthew

    I’m a life time panhandle resident and love seafood but had to give it up. I’be been craving oysters all football season and with super bowl tomorrow I’m tempted but I’m sticking with chips n dip.

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