“The tissue mostly just DISSOLVED” when adding COREXIT 9500 says researcher — “With the oil alone there was no effect”

Corals Won’t Survive A Shallow-Water Oil Spill Treated With Dispersants, National Wildlife Federation (Wildlife Promise), October 14, 2010:

At the University of Miami’s Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, doctoral candidate Rachel Silverstein… created four treatments:

  • 1) a 2% concentration of oil in sea water, likey [sic] much higher than would normally occur at a spill site (except, perhaps, close to a spill’s “ground zero”)
  • 2) seawater with 2% Corexit 9500, the dispersant used during the BP oil spill
  • 3) a mixture of both dispersant and oil —2% oil in sea water, the dispersant added in a in a 1:10 ratio, per the manufacturer’s recommendation, and finally
  • 4) a control treatment of just sea water with no oil or dispersant. …

But when the corals were treated for 12 hours with mixtures including dispersant or oil plus dispersant, there was no coral to measure.“Basically, I found that with the oil alone there was no effect,” said Silverstein. “But, with the dispersant, and the oil plus dispersant in a 12-hour exposure, the tissue mostly just dissolved.” …

In deep water, like the site of the Gulf oil disaster, where dispersant was used in massive, never before seen quantities, the potential for coral death increases as the dispersed oil drifts towards coral reefs in the Florida Keys and other warm water locations.

18 comments to “The tissue mostly just DISSOLVED” when adding COREXIT 9500 says researcher — “With the oil alone there was no effect”

  • Great way to hide the millions and millions of dead sea mammals and plants: Now you see them — now you don’t.

    No surprise here>

  • Dixie

    Thank God there are still scientists out there that have not sold out and really want to know what is happening! More evidence that BP with the blessing of the government has killed the Gulf! May they rot in hell!

  • albert trimble

    Well, that’s more sad news. You know, this has to be part of an ongoing coup by the military, somehow.
    Just sayin’.

  • albert trimble,

    About your idea that […”this has to be part of an ongoing coup by the military, somehow.”] is very interesting.

    Please go to http://www.stevequayle.com and click on the recent *ALERT* archives. Apparently, the military and police are preparing to do something, which may trick the lower levels into handing their guns over temporarily, but then, they will not get the guns back as promised.

    I am frightened.

  • Gary

    Lets put this on Hayworths children, better yet that old f— queen bitch.
    Lets rot her fat cells. These people are not American and should be exterminated by oil boarding, they did it too us.
    Please southern people before you die and you will. Please, please visit a Brit or BP exec. Better yet go to Britain.
    Throw the slime in their face

  • Dixie

    Biscuitandbutter, pretty scary stuff. I believe a lot of people know in there heart and soul something bad is coming. For those that do not believe in chemtrails watch this. We have not been sprayed for about 2 weeks know. Where are they planes now. What are they up to?


  • premurderedGOM

    Maybe this will help you feel a little better. With the Loop Current being ripped to shreds [hence the wild weather] England will suffer greatly starting this winter. I know it sounds small, but that’s the only thing I have as some sort of payback. Never forget these bastards were screaming for their ‘profits’ while we watched in horror as our people and animals died. I’m glad Obama gave the fuking statue back.

  • albert trimble

    I don’t want to be preachy, but I believe that all this is going to be fixed someday, and probably pretty soon. Be of good cheer. A very hopeful article. End of preachiness.


  • Gary

    Well um now that you all mention it
    It happens to be hotter than hell in Ohio and um considering um, not climate change.
    Whats the word I need
    FUCKEDUPGULFCHANGE Hey! thats a good word next to genociding or erradicating the gulf
    Yes! It will be fixed someday just not within the next fucking 100 years.
    This will never end
    Oil weel will be propping up everywhere along the gulf
    There’s oil in there them beaches
    Yes! the property is worthless and no tourist but the oil can taken next to nothing
    Bow to BP and the queen fools
    Long live the queen, say it together now?
    Kiss your family and your ass goodbye southern folk
    British just finished 1814 and you lost

  • ghana

    First of all to ALL of you who believe we in the SOUTH are done; anybody hear the fat lady singing? I don’t either and she won’t sing because she’s busy greasing barrels and chambers and filling cartridges! We didn’t run then and we aren’t running now! These people live in houses and ride in cars and will be easy to locate. Get Nuss from the parish to video tape a call out to “THE PEOPLE” and that he wants us in the area and in days you will have an ARMY (armed or unarmed B & B)! We are waiting!!!

  • Dixie,

    You’re right; there is something going on and it is above our heads. As you said, Chemtrails are real and I’m here to announce that I’m in your choir.

    Please take a peek at these…



    I’ve watched chemtrail spraying for years, and I’m stunned that others do not see them, or simply cannot differentiate them from contrails. But, not knowing doesn’t stop them from spraying us like roaches.

  • Albert Trimble,

    Yes. Okay. And indeed, the people have a right to be angry and upset, and God will get the wrong doers in time. But for the time being, watchout!

  • ghana,

    I’m at the ready with iron pots-and-pans; if you miss’em with your bullets, I’ll get’em with my skillets.

  • Gary,

    Don’t say that! Some of you will survive living down there for a while, and I’ll survive for a time living up here.

    We’re in the right. I may be a distant neighbor, but I’m one of you and I stake my claim. I’m a Southerner and I love it. I’ll get in line behind all of you, and I’ll follow you to wherever we need to be.

  • Dixie

    No. we will never give up our God given right of Life,Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness!

  • Albert Trimble

    I am noticing this site is not available every so often… I have to wait to get in. Perhaps you should consider making a back up blog that you can post to if this one gets hacked and attacked, which I’m sure is just a matter of time.

  • ML

    Hi All,

    Great website on chemtrails:


    Very current and educational. Please pass along.

  • xdrfox

    Hi, ML

    Chemtrails and HAARP Technology 101 for Dummies *VIDEO* … http://members.beforeitsnews.com/story/372/098/
    Over my Home most daily …
    Chemtrails Over Ormond Beach Florida Friday Morning …

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