Top British Newspaper: BP’s oil in Gulf has “switched off the North Atlantic Current, which keeps Europe from freezing”

Roddy Forsyth: soap opera surrounding Hugh Dallas episode reeks of nasty opportunism, Telegraph, December 3, 2010:

The truth, at last, is out there and Scottish football is in turmoil, although it took disruption to the fixture card to bring the whole sorry mess into the open.

This goes back to the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, of course. The oil has gummed up the ocean bed and switched off the North Atlantic Current, which keeps Europe from freezing.

We are at the start of a new Ice Age. You don’t believe it? OK, what game are you going to watch this weekend?

In lieu of a match programme, you might want to read the findings of Dr Gianluigi Zangari, theoretical physicist at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Italy who says that the Earth’s central heating system has broken down because of the oil spill.

43 comments to Top British Newspaper: BP’s oil in Gulf has “switched off the North Atlantic Current, which keeps Europe from freezing”

  • xdrfox

    Here is a link to see animated 120 hour forecast to Gulf Stream movement in Gulf. Give time to load then push start or nothing will happen. Surface currents are moving more then the past now. …

  • turtledove

    Just a word of reasonable caution about using the word of only one scientist Zanghari, Theoretical physicist and treating it as proven fact. That GOM is THE reason for assumed shutdown of the gulfstream. Assumed. Theoretical. One scientist.

    I am not saying the man is wrong, but it is too soon to say he is right.
    Since Arctic chimneys also have been shutting down by the dozens, waters warming, dilute salinity (which interferes with weight and briskness of coldwater circulation up and down) slackening and lowering of circulation down to norway and approaching european parallels, worldwide warm water swelling, can we just accept the word of one theorist for this one cause of everything? Where are at least a few other reputable scientists supporting this theory?
    This has nothing to do with oil and gulfstream waters reaching europe in November which was anticipated last july.

    Also I’m not saying Zangari is wrong, either. His theory of the entire gulfstream shutting down seems simplistic, I can’t help it.

  • KATE


  • halfmoonunder

    I remember reading somewhere that Zanghari claimed that NOAA or somebody in the gov’t altered data amd images that had previously been posted about the loop current. Wish I could remember where I read that.

    I’ve been watching the Gulf stream with interest, since it really has looked pretty abnormal for months now. I wish someone else with some knowledge would speak up, too. Someone who can at least communicate in English. Maybe Jeff Masters of Weather Underground….

  • halfmoonunder

    Okay this isn’t what I originally read, but it has the same info. I was wrong. It was the Navy that helped Zanghari come to the conclusion that the data had been falsified. Read about it here:

  • maryannejacobsen


    I do agree with you and find it hard to believe that there aren’t scientists other than Zanghari that are worried about this situation, if in fact it were really as dire as the picture that Zanghari paints.

    That being said, I did find this comment from The Phoenix Rising from the Gulf blog. It does sort of explain how oil and Corexit could actually cause this to happen. Credit given to “Gulfstream” who left the comment on December 2nd.

    “In the North Atlantic, the normal oceanic currents travel westward into the Gulf of Mexico, loop clockwise, and then travel around Florida and up the east coast of north america, and then across to Scandinavia and the UK. The waters in the Gulf act as a great heat sink, absorbing the sun’s heat in the lower latitudes, and transporting that heat to the higher latitudes of Scandinavia and the UK.
    In the Gulf Stream, the warm water travels in a layer on the surface of the deeper cold water, and does not mix with it. The massive use of the surfactant Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico serves not only to mix the leaked oil in the Gulf with sea water, but additionally reduces the surface tension of the water itself, allowing the warm surface water in the Gulf Stream to mix with the deeper cold water, and this should destroy the warm Gulf Stream which has been keeping Scandinavia and the UK warm. Current satellite images of the Gulf Stream show that it is starting to disperse and break up in the north Atlantic, and the frigid temperatures now being experienced in the UK and Scandinavia are apparently a harbinger of very much worse weather conditions to come to these countries because of the Gulf of Mexico catastrophe.”

    Blog link:

  • turtledove

    ” warm surface water in the Gulf Stream to mix with the deeper cold water, and this should destroy the warm Gulf Stream which has been keeping Scandinavia and the UK warm”..

    add to that desalinization from fresh water melt in greenland, arctic and antarctic.
    Anyone have a link that shows the entire atlantic far all I’ve managed to find is the gulf, gulf, gulf and not effects all up & down the u.s. east coast s.e. canada. Thanks!

  • critterfer

    Whether or not you want to take the word of one scientist or the other, the fact remains that the Gulf Stream has shut down and all you have to do in order to verify that is look at the data for yourself. It’s not actually very complicated. The real question is: What are we going to do about it? This situation puts tens of millions of lives at risk this winter and possibly hundreds of millions of lives within a few years’ time. That’s not a belief system, that’s reality

  • turtledove

    forgot to add, fresh water desalinization weakens cold water flows also because of salt water weight is lightened losing “drive”.

  • critterfer


    Go to the very top of this page, right to the top. Along there you’ll see a line of tabs, one of which says “Real-time loop current forecasts”. You can find all the data you need there. I’ve been watching it since June and it has only gotten worse and worse and worse…

    Hope this helps.


  • critterfer

    In order to determine the actual cause of the termination one need look at the mechanism of failure. Typically, a shutdown of the thermohaline cycle takes several years as fresh water slowly sucks the dissolved salts out of the water in the current. Via this mechanism, the actual termination occurs from the Northern Atlantic southward. In this case, however, the termination occured in the Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico. The termination then proceeded northwards from the Gulf of Mexico. Geologically speaking, this is an unusual, if not unprecedented, mechanism for failure of the entire North Atlantic Current. Welcome to what geologists are now calling the Anthropocene Epoch.

  • critterfer

    I am a scientist, published in the fields of materials science, archaeology, and renewable energy. I wholly endorse the work of Dr. Zangari. In fact, I think it is probably the easiest, most simplistic paper he’s ever written. He has also been very good at NOT making predictions based on his work and NOT getting involved in the politics.

    It is important to note that it makes sense for Dr. Zangari to have noticed the termination since he makes mathematical models to predict ocean currents, specifically the Loop Current. He looks at real data on the Loop Current every day and understands it better than any of us. Of course he’s going to notice any anomalies before anyone else, because he’s looking.

    But this isn’t about Dr. Zangari, this is really about our relationship with our planet. We can no longer continue to see ourselves as separate; we can no longer continue to see our Mother Earth as an object put here for us to exploit. We are part of this planet. We are made from this planet. We eat, drink, and breathe, this planet. There is no separation.

    In order to survive we must change. We must change on a fundamental level and we must change NOW.

  • xdrfox

    Here is a globe showing the entire current on earth. … This ‘river’ of warm water that moves through the Atlantic Ocean is called, in various places, the South Atlantic Current, the North Brazil Current, the Caribbean Current, the Yucatan Current, the Loop Current, the Florida Current, the Gulf Stream, the North Atlantic Current (or North Atlantic Drift) and the Norway Current. …

  • patty t., alabama

    yep, been watching this for months also. England/Europe will have to wait and see what unfolds.

  • critterfer

    It is important to keep in mind that this is not a problem just for England and Europe. The Gulf Stream is a fundamental process for life on Earth as we know it. The implications of it’s failure are global in scale and perspective and unfortunately we simply do not know enough to know just how we’ll all be affected.

  • xdrfox

    Here is a piece I wrote on it a while back … Looks like the Gulf Stream Current is edging up a bit on Surface Currents …

  • turtledove

    critterfer, thanks for the link.
    There is a huge difference between others pointing out additional influences/possibilities to better grasp the bigger picture and missing the point entirely. Doubt anyone posting here needs that rudimentary a Lecture.

  • xdrfox

    Have the scientist been checking the salt content in the GOM ? Is it normal ?

  • Gary

    They killed 3 birds with on stone

    They have erradicated the south, you die and give up pensions and land. Like Katrina they feel your lives are worthless.
    They also killed the British as I was hoping for but now realized they are out to destroy the world.
    Watch what happens in the next year.
    100 nukes on the way to Texas for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa refurbishing.
    Get out of the south now
    Save yourself and like Sodom do not look back

  • Jack

    I remember that the gradual desalinization caused by glacier and
    ice-cap melting was the issue discussed in Geology, which would
    lower the intensity of the thermal-transport, which controls
    all of our weather. The temperate zones are inhabitable
    only because of this warming from the tropics.
    Also…it takes Cold water to Hold Oxygen in there, right, guys?

  • critterfer


    you can check salinity data on the link mentioned previously, it is one of the data sets provided.

    Good luck!

  • critterfer

    You know what I don’t understand is that surely there are meteorologists in the UK who have noticed that the Gulf Stream isn’t what it used to be. All of the forecasts show well below average temperatures for this year so clearly the meteorologists know that the writing is on the wall. So why aren’t we hearing THEM say something about the situation with the Gulf Stream?

    By the way, there is no doubt that the Gulf Stream has lost significant mass recently, as much as 50% as of 2005. So in my opinion, it is something of a perfect storm for the Gulf Stream. It’s shutting down from both directions, and fast. Normally, this type of thing happens over decades or even centuries. Now, it’s happening over the course of weeks and months. It is truly amazing to watch and utterly horrifying to contemplate.

  • xdrfox

    Yes but I was wondering if any scientist are doing samples.

  • gypsy

    The time has come to prepare yourself/family for an event that will happen by/in/after ? Sept, 2011. It is directly connected to the GOM disaster. Hoard food, water and basics of life. We will also see massive crop failures related to the death of the sea and the innocent lives taken, both human and animal. The Earth is weary of our antics.

  • xdrfox

    La. had 36 counties declared disaster area on crop failure. Texas also impacted !

  • With all the private sector’s raising awareness of the situations along the Gulf, seafood depletion, health crisis, environmental damage, etc., the media is still mute..What will it take? The Gulf residents are tired of begging for help, the fishermen are tired of being without healthy catches for consumption, and their welfare in business of selling these commodities sold throughout the country, the sick are being told that they are not sick and dying, what will it take? The Government does not have ears, only pocketbooks..

  • C.Smith:

    The government doesn’t care; that’s not what it does: It has goals and some goals were set decades ago. One of those goals is to *depopulate* the world to 90-95% of what it is now: We’re 6 billion strong now — the shadow government wants a population of 500,000; that’s worldwide. The GOM tragedy is of no real concern to them, other than that it *work*.

  • 2 things: worldwide population should read 500,000,000. million.

    My second post [after 3:45 pm/12/07/2010] was snatched, censored, and zilch — just destroyed.

  • halfmoonunder


    where did you get that data?

    Biscuit and all- go see the documentary “Inside Job”. I believe the movie is intended to cause anger and division leading towards eventual chaos- that’s not why I’m telling you to go see it. However, it tells the whole story of the financial meltdown in ways that you’ve never heard the media tell it. Once you see how the monetary system was intentionally designed to bring untold billions to a chosen few, with no regard to consequences to the plight of the masses, you’ll understand that this GOM disaster is the same identical thing. It’s greed and power in the hands of a small group of elites. Both political parties in the US are status quo- the movie proves it. Once they kill off the masses they’ll use biotechnology to cheaply replace us with clones who won’t impact the earth’s natural resources, Then they’ll use nanotechnology to become immortal. Sad to say this was prophesied in the bible, but no one reads it anymore.

  • xdrfox

    Which data ? several with out a link …

  • halfmoonunder

    By the way, you can watch these three videos on Youtube if you don’t believe what I’m saying above, (about transhumanism and becoming immortal). These people, the global elite, are looking forward to it! It has to happen in their lifetimes so they are pushing the technology. The videos were made 2 years ago so think about how far they’ve come since! The Gulf Blue Plague is a perfect example! Watch this and then watch part 2 and 3 and you’ll understand, where this is all going.

  • halfmoonunder


    You said,” La. had 36 counties declared disaster area on crop failure. Texas also impacted !

    Where did you get that info?

  • xdrfox

    This is NOT the article I rad last week but this one has some good news also and nothing here about Texas, I will do some more searching …

  • xdrfox

    This looks like same report I read but was coppied to a news without the USDA: that I read … USDA: drought disaster in 36 La. parishes …

  • halfmoonunder

    Thanks xdrfox,

    I suspect famine will be on the rise within the year based on the wild weather patterns across the world. Russia is already hoarding grain.

  • xdrfox

    My pleasure, The fires this year destroyed much of their grain, and those fires burned over areas also with the fallout from Chernobyl putting lots of most dangerous microscopic Radiation particles into the atmosphere going around the world.

  • xdrfox

    China increased thier orders from US this year, In part to cover the 40% of N.Korea needs of grain shipped in from them. China also ships them much of their gas/oil needs.

  • xdrfox

    Russia went short/reneged on futures and some lost their shirts.

  • Sarah Palin

    Drill baby drill!!!

  • Pat


    Yep the 4 horses of apocalypse bible refers to are riding.

    first – go out to peacefully conquer nations (globalization).
    second – take peace away from earth (terrorsim).
    third – shortage wheat staples.
    fourth – death from hunger, pestilence, wild beasts, etc. (1/4 population dies).

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