Top attorney calls for “immediate” funding of coastal health clinics — “Disturbing findings cry out for a more sustained public-health response”

NEW TEST RESULTS: 8 out of 8 Blood Samples from BP Cleanup Workers Test Positive For Toxic Chemicals Found in BP Oil, Blog of Sturt H. Smith, Esq., October 27, 2010:

Wilma Subra, the environmental scientist and former vice-chair of the EPA National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology… reports that of eight blood samples collected from BP cleanup workers in August, ALL eight tested positive for chemicals found in the BP oil.

The tests at a Florida laboratory checked for Volatile Organic Chemicals associated with a host of serious health problems. Subra’s disturbing findings cry out for a more sustained public-health response. To that end, I am calling for immediate funding from BP for coastal health clinics. We need to ensure people are getting the care they need. An improved public-health response would not only be costly for BP – or, more likely, the taxpayers – but it would also tie the oil giant to all those health problems that won’t surface for years.

That’s important as the November transition begins for BP claims payments. Spill victims who know that dangerous BP-fingerprinted chemicals are already in their blood might be less willing to sign away future legal options in order to secure a final settlement from the Feinberg claims facility. And avoiding liability – really, another way of saying “avoiding responsibility” – is the real BP priority here.

h/t Anita Stewart via Heather Dixey

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