Overhead view of cloudy capping stack, BOP (VIDEOS)

Live feed from Boa Sub C ROV 2, August 24, 2010 at 2:52 p.m. EDT:

Side view:

Skip to 2:55 in if pressed for time:

6 comments to Overhead view of cloudy capping stack, BOP (VIDEOS)

  • Aio

    The “clouds” are just somethjing they put inside with the tube that is hanging on it. But it was something more wow some minutes before. There is something like white foam on the surface, if you see it carefully.
    It is because of a dropping like a candle of something, may be cement, some minutes before. At the end it was calm down again. May be they are testing something.

  • Dan

    Besides it looks better than the gusher of oil that was coming out. Let’s all be thankful that progress has been made,,,,, even though the fear mongers are still beating the same drum!!!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Dan :
    I am not a fear monger, and I have real info and real data on my Youtube channel. Fear comes from reality sometimes.

    Erika : 5
    Exxon Valdez : 10
    Torrey Canyon : 30
    Deepwater : 226. and going on.

    These data and numbers are OFFICIAL. From US government. No Alien or Conspiracy theory.

    Still laughing ?

  • That’s nothing compared to this video someone captured. Fast-forward to about 3’00” and watch BP’s cap totally erupt:


  • Aio

    Hi, Kyle, this is what i saw yesterday too.
    It was before the videos in this post.
    Like a sad candle pipe it was.
    Maybe they testing pressures and so.

  • Cocoa

    Sorta makes you wonder what they are really doing down there?

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