Toxic sand? Oil on Florida beaches not gone, but pulverized into microscopic particles — A shade darker than before

USF study finds beaches essentially cleaned of oil, Craig Pittman for the St. Petersburg Times, March 2, 2011:

The machines actually dug up the sand and shook it through a sieve, straining out the tarballs but mixing together the remaining contaminated and uncontaminated sand, [geologist Ping Wang] said.

As a result, [researcher Rip] Kirby said, “the sand is a shade darker.” But only longtime Florida beachgoers are likely to notice the difference.

“Is it perfect like it was on April 19, before the spill started? No, it’s not,” Kirby said. “It will take time for bacteria to eat” the remaining microscopic oil particles — perhaps as long as five years.

In the meantime, he said, the possibility of toxic effects from those microscopic particles is fairly remote. “You probably get more exposure filling up your gas tank than sitting on a beach,” he said.

Read the Times’ report here.

So how safe is filling up your gas tank?

Gas Stations are Toxic Neighbors, Discovery, February 7, 2011:

Researchers in Spain found that gas fumes contaminate the air up to 100 meters, or 328 feet, away with potential health hazards. …

The researchers from the University of Murcia measured the levels of two common gasoline related pollutants, benzene and hexane, in the area around the stations. They then compared these levels to the contamination caused by normal automobile traffic, and found higher levels in areas around gas stations.

5 comments to Toxic sand? Oil on Florida beaches not gone, but pulverized into microscopic particles — A shade darker than before

  • xdrfox

    All I have seen in the past in articles is that these oil particles “PAH’s” Know Carcinogenic, can be inhaled and ingested. Here is what the OIL looks like on the East Coast of Fl. on the beach on the sands, (Last pix) much darker then a shade.
    Changing Shore, East Coast, Florida Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach (PICS)
    on Monday, January 03, 2011 …
    If one lays on a towel here for hours, could one expect to breath some solid microscopic oil particles into your lungs, on skin, maybe inevitably into ones mouth.
    Blackened, Ormond by the Sea Beach, East Coast, Florida (Video)
    on Thursday, November 18, 2010 …
    Wind lifts these microscopic oil particles into the air.

  • xdrfox

    How about the children as they play ? Do you think these children will not be exposed to the microscopic oil particles “PAH’s” Know Carcinogenic that are in the billions of withing surrounding them them ? Of course you can shake out the sands and Carcinogen’s from your towel and knock off the sands and Carcinogen’s from your beach equipment.

    In the Water on the Beach and In the Hole Where They Play (PICS)
    on Monday, October 11, 2010 …

    They play on Blackened beaches of dead and dieing !
    on Friday, August 13, 2010 …

    No doubt one or all will exposed, breath and or ingest PAH’s, Carcinogens. It’s just me but no different then taking a bath in Carcinogens to me. Seems all scientific data and knowledge about Carcinogens is being thrown out the window to minimize the damage.

  • xdrfox

    With the OK from monitors of Government, Federal and State, States are inviting vacationers to the beach in the Gulf to me is like the Gestapo guards promising showers to the people and them getting something they did not expect !

  • soozla

    They act like a child.. who mashed a broken cookie in the carpet and pretends it’s not there.
    Pulverizing.. only mixed it all together.. making it further impossible to clean.
    Heat causes expand… here comes the hot weather….

  • xdrfox

    Almost like they will be saying next it’s safe to sprinkle on your morning cereal and add to your children’s diet for nutrition, no more dangerous then pepper !

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