Toxicologist now dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf and “people who’s esophaguses are dissolving… these people have oil in their bodies” (VIDEO)

Riki Ott on the Gulf: “These people have oil in their bodies”, roseaguilar3, October 21, 2010:

(Full video at bottom of post)

Transcript Summary

Worker on Grand Isle dropped over dead.

I am dealing with about 3 or 4 autopsies right now.

I know of people with 4.75% of lung capacity and with an enlarged heart.

I know people who’s esophaguses are dissolving and disintegrating.

All these people have oil in their bodies, upper 95th percentile.

Full video here:

43 comments to Toxicologist now dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf and “people who’s esophaguses are dissolving… these people have oil in their bodies” (VIDEO)

  • tyler

    I don’t know how this will force obama from office, the right wing neocons defend bp just like he does. I haven’t heard from one conservative how sad they are about this spill or for that matter how angry. Their defending bp at all costs.

  • Panda_Girl

    I’m conservative, and I happen to be EXTREMELY pissed off about everything that has gone on with this. What a terrible way to treat your fellow man, the wildlife, and our oceans! This is a terrible mess!!! And I hope that those greedy bastards who are responsible for this get their comeuppance!!

  • Pat

    agree panda_girl

    BTW – Obama could have done something and chose not to.

    He owns this one.

  • Billy Dale

    We know who is really running things and it’s not Obama….

  • Afu

    This is the biggest ecocrime ever.

    Chernobyl was a blunder. This is a crime, a bundle of crimes.

    No doubt, this will have political consequences and I hope the USA will become again what it was before: a democracy.

    Your system is now completely corrupt to the point of being dangerous for the American ordinary people, to say nothing about foreigners.

    When it “squeaks” out of cover up, this crime will definitely change the picture.

    Hold on, folks.

  • Gary

    Its called genociding by bio WAR.

    Gulf War II and we lost

    The south is dead now, they have s[rayed for 6 months.


    They get your land for oil drilling and your savings

    God Bless and goodnight

  • Morocco Bama

    Obama owns nothing. You can’t possibly rectify any of this until you face facts. Fact #1. Obama has no power whatsoever. He’s a puppet, a stooge, a frontman….a cheerleader for the cabal that is the Military Industrial Complex. You can’t vote your way out of this mess. This mess is the result of a system that is rotten to the core. The system has to be torn down and replaced. With what? Hell if I know. The odds of that happening are now slim to none considering the recent Supreme Court Ruling that makes it legitimate for Corporations to own the political process in broad daylight.

    I have a nephew in-law who’s esophagus has disintegrated. He’s 26 years old and in perfect health prior to swimming in the Gulf this past summer. I implored him not to, but he just laughed at me and assumed I was being unnecessarily alarmist. His doctor was flummoxed as to what was wrong with his esophagus, and for weeks could offer him no relief. He lost 35 pounds because he couldn’t eat. The doctor finally diagnosed him with a herpes virus of the esophagus and now this 26 year old, formerly healthy male, will have to take medication before and after he eats, and is instructed to never snack between meals…..for the rest of his life.

    I have shown what Dr. Ricki Ott has said to our family in Mobile, and they refuse to accept it. They’re going with the physician’s traditional diagnosis and approach because, afterall, he knows better…he’s an authority…and the news and the government wouldn’t put people in harm’s way like that.

    What can you do with attitudes like that? And, sorry to say, that attitude is the attitude of the majority. They’ve been trained to react in exactly this way. How do you teach “old dogs” new tricks…or a new way of thinking… think for themselves?

  • Bob

    Return to a Democracy? No, study up. Return to a Republic! Big difference.” And to the Republic, for which it stands, one nation under God”

  • Bob

    And morocco bama is correct.

  • premurderedGOM

    Afu, the US HAS become dangerous for the people. They don’t see it. Why do folks constantly chase some kind of “change”? We are far past HOPE & CHANGE. Now is the time to run.

  • LA Whit

    OUTRAGEOUS! It’s is time to cut the corporation off at their knees and send their politicians packing.

    This reminds me of a quote from a recent movie – ‘Up in the Air”… “Anybody who ever built an empire, or changed the world, sat where you are now. And it’s *because* they sat there that they were able to do it.”

  • Barbara

    This is not political. It is greed. This is the normal way big companies get forced to settle. You can bet that there is a big fund set up by some lawyers paying for media-prone crazies to make statements like this to the press to add fuel to the lawsuits. Dissolving esophaguses? Come on. Look at every big lawsuit movement and you see EXACTLY the same kind of headlines, all the way back to breast implants, to name another example. Its only many years afterwards that you can see where the money went. This medical examiner, or someone close to him, is part of a dirty money deal.

  • Morocco Bama

    Barbara, show me the headlines about the disintegrating esophaguses. The point of this piece is that the MSM is not covering this issue because the Big Corporations own the MSM….and the politicians. That directly contradicts your assertion that class action attorneys are behind the criticism.

    I will concede that trying to seek justice through class action attorneys is a piss poor approach. I don’t have any more respect for class action attorneys than I do Bankers, CEOs, Politicians and Generals. They are all different sides of the same coin.

    It’s a shame you can’t see that. Obviously, you’re in the majority that I mentioned above. Thanks for the case in point.

  • tyler

    When I said I haven’t heard a peep out of conservatives I really meant the politicians. I have considered myself conservative all my life and have never voted for a democrat but this bp situation was the first of many that made me question the right. I still can’t bring myself to vote for a d though. I mean look no further than joe barton apologizing to bp and then being put on the head of the energy committe or something like that. Or listen to a guy like rush limbaugh who I listened to daily for years get mad at the people of the gulf who were complaining. Its just crony capitalism and the people be damned.

  • Dilo me

    How does oil give you a herpes virus?

  • It’s genocidal depopulation of the Gulf states of Mexico and U.S., including the eastern U.S. Deborah Dupre correctly identified it as ACT OF WAR by bigcorpa (David Rockefeller and queen Elizabeth England) against U.S. citizens.

    The controlling $ is in “foundations”, which pay no taxes and own big corpa and news media. They are above governments.

  • Phil Slemons

    She is not the coroner so she is not “dealing with at least three autopsies in Gulf”.

  • Morocco Bama

    How does oil give you a herpes virus?

    You really are ignorant, aren’t you?

    Do you know anything about the implications of severe burns, for example? When the layers of your epidermis are disintegrated and or compromised in any way, you now become susceptible to a host of diseases, including the herpes virus. My mother has herpes virus in her eyes which she contracted just subsequent to cataracts surgery. Same principle as my nephew in-law’s esophagus.

    And, it’s not just oil…it’s also the corexit which is highly corrosive. Both the oil and corexit eat through the hulls of boats sitting in it, so imagine what it does to human flesh? Oh, I’m sorry, you can’t imagine that because you can’t seem to get outside of your Corporate-created box you so gleefully sit in day after day waiting for the Messiah to return.

    But, let me go a step further and ask why some of you people are even posting to this? If you don’t believe any of it and would rather believe the Soviet-Styled Corporate Media, then bug off. Why are you bothering with a blog devoted to covering an event the lackey press won’t? An agenda, I presume. You’re a bunch of BP scumbags. A pox on your house for your sadistic deception.

  • Canuck

    Why the insistence that there is a difference between Rs and Ds? They’re two sides of the same coin except some prefer to be robbed more by one than the other. Devisive bullshit, keeps you guys at each other’s throats and your attention off the real issue. That is They are ALL bought and paid for and do not serve your interests no matter what color they cloak themselves in. But don’t look at the man behind the curtain….

    Morocco Bama I am so sorry to hear of your nephews troubles. Awww jeez, what a price to pay for believing the gov. lies.

  • Morocco Bama

    Awww jeez, what a price to pay for believing the gov. lies.

    The gov’t is merely a tool to serve the powerful interests in many ways. It’s a convenient foil, for example. When the shit hits the fan, as it is now, it’s the Government’s fault. Well, yes, that’s partly correct, but only partly. It’s much more than that, though, and until people step outside of their brainwashed boxes, if that’s even possible, this Egregore we are all a part of and feed every day, some much more than others and others ever so reluctantly, cannot not be mitigated/eliminated.

  • Canuck

    If the gov did it’s job and enforced responsible drilling reg.s this may not have happened. Canada requires, by law, at least one relief well be drilled in the same season as the primary. BP was in Canada asking for exemptions to this during the summer when their Macondo was spewing into the gulf. Talk about chutzpah. But the ‘free market’ dreamers think the gov has no place regulating business, well dear capitalists, here’s your free market, buy some shrimp and swim in the water and toast your principles.

    Sorry to rant. lol

  • Scott

    I’m sure Bush would have solved this one in two blinks of an eye. Shame on Obama, everything is his fault, even if it is not.

    How to tear this corrupt system down?
    Well, each and every one of us ensures its continuation every day, through our own individual actions.

    Quit buying anything, atleast after you bought everything you need to be as close to independent as possible.

    -Grow your own food
    -Purify your own water
    -Generate your own heat and electricity
    -Give up your car

    True invidiual independence is what is needed. Choke the life out of the system we all hate but support, nonetheless. The less you buy the better.

  • Morocco Bama

    Scott, you’re absolutely correct that part of the solution, at least, has to be to deprive the Egregore, but that alone will not do the trick. The Egregore will not make independence easy, by any means. The frontiers, with the exception of space, are no more. Anything that’s left is being usurped at an exponential rate, and the feigned Financial Collapse only serves to hasten the process of Feudalization.

    Here’s an example…one of many to come:

    Ministers are planning a massive sell-off of Britain’s state-owned forests as they seek to raise billions of pounds to help cut the deficit, the Sunday Telegraph reported.

    If the groveling serfs are lucky, the Feudal Overlords may grant them the privilege of “working the land.”

    And, don’t hope for outside intervention from…..say…..Aliens. The Egregore has that covered, as well, no doubt.

  • Dan

    Its interesting you bring up aliens Morocco Bama, it is more then likely the ptb are puppets for malevolent 4d sts beings. At least that is what my research suggests, which may explain why everyone is so in the dark about what is going on.

    I have to say my research, which didnt begin because of the gom catastrophe, certainly explains why something like this is occurring. Its the only thing that makes sense, this is so evil, it seems beyond the ordinary human being to be capable of.

    We have so many issues on our plate right now, it is not even funny. The core problem of course is the evil that exists, that we allow to exist in our now.

    If we can ever deal with our evil ptb, then we get to turn our attention to a superior evolved being, which will require us to evolve to their level.

    Evolve or perish, right now. Wake up and become aware every single second. There are no ordinary moments…


    I live in coastal Mississippi, and everybody just thinks everything is back to normal, everything’s OK. “I want some oysters, I want some shrimp, I want to fish some speckle trout at Delocroix” I WOULDN’T EAT ANYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF THE GULF!!! Everything is poisoned, our water, our marshes, our seafood. The oil is NOT CLEANED UP, it is sitting on the bottom. And BP is gone, no more clean up, our community is severly affected and “it’s all over” These greedy bastards need to burn in hell!

  • Robert S. Finnegan

    When the “spill” occurred I was sure this would be the last straw and the people would finally rise up and put an end to this evil madness. Instead, the world was treated to the sickening spectacle of residents boot-licking BP for a temporary job as their property and businesses were destroyed forever.

    If Americans will take this from our own government and BP, then our democracy is truly finished. What will they do when the cretins in the White House come for their children to be used as fresh cannon fodder in the illegal wars? In the absence of a revolt, they will continue forever. Somewhere down the line Americans are going to have to get their hands dirty, whether it be in an insurrection, or shoveling corpses into the government ovens.

    Robert S Finnegan

  • Morocco Bama

    How about they burn on earth, Gulf State Girl? Here’s a list of BP’s top ten shareholders. Keep in mind that these are funds that own these shares, and each of those funds has individual shareholders. We need to know the identity of the individual shareholders and create the deck of cards similar to what Rumsfeld the sadistic butcher did with his list of sinister character sin Iraq.

    Legal & General:

    The UK insurer and asset manager owns 4pc of the shares.

    Barclays Global Investors:

    The asset manager, which is owned by BlackRock, owns 3.8pc of the shares.

    Norges Bank Investment Management:

    The asset manager manages the money generated from Norway’s oil revenues and owns 1.8pc of the shares.

    Kuwait Investment Authority:

    The body manages the funds for Kuwait government. It owns 1.75pc of the shares.

    M&G Investment Management:

    The UK asset manager, owned by the Prudential, owns 1.67pc of the shares.

    Standard Life:

    The Scottish insurance company owns 1.5pc of the shares.

    Capital Research & Management Co:

    The Los Angeles-based fund owns 1.3pc of the shares.

    Insight Investment Management:

    The fund manager owned by Lloyds Banking Group owns 1.13pc of the shares.

    China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange:

    The body that manages China’s $2.4 trillion of foreign-exchange reserves owns 1.1pc.

  • Morocco Bama

    Bread and circuses, my friends, bread and circuses. So long as there is continual, non-stop around-the-clock electronic entertainment, including the ever so vaunted college football and NFL, the Corporations could rip their childrens’ hearts out, chew them up, and spit it in the dolt’s faces and they wouldn’t flinch. Is it that bad, for all those foreigners listening. It is that bad.

  • D. Thomas

    Morocco Bama, I am also sorry to hear about your nephew! You tried to tell him and I am so sorry he didn’t listen. He is one of many unfortunate souls that believe government.

    When will the rest of ’em learn, GOV=LIE!!! I dig with every comment above! Robert S. Finnegan, You are right on!

    I just heard Bob Dudley, BP CEO, blames the media for creating “Climate Of Fear”. OMG! the media is not to blame for the fear, it’s BP’s oil! If you ask me, the lame-stream media hasn’t done enough or people wouldn’t be eating Gulf seafood or swimming in its water.


    Please read this… maybe the simplest solution is the right one… SAY NO TO CORPORATE AMERICA!!

  • Dan

    D. Thomas, I agree with your blogs so much that I believe we need a new form of gov`t, one based on the wise vote, not the popular.

    Beau Kitselman suggested such in his book Hello Stupid! which I have been talking about on this site and others, it can be read at

    He says the democratic system is at fault, the one vote for one man system is easily corruptable. Even if it isnt, you get a slightly better then average leader, if your lucky!

    Kitselman suggested what I see as a modified democracy where people would have different amounts of votes based on their perceived wisdom by their peers.

    I actually started a thread about potential future governments for the awake and aware man over at Open Minds forum. Feel free to contribute, anyone!

    I tried to post on your blog page D.T but I guess you have to join, it didnt let me. Ill be keeping up with your blog, getting rid of lobbyists sure sounds like a sensible short term solution.

  • The Die Hard

    You repukeli-baggers, you conservatoads with your “Drill, baby, drill, drill here, drill now,” are the ones ENTIRELY TO BLAME for the oil blowout disaster. BP is just a minor player — they just happened to draw the worst hand first from eight years of bushiosi greed and deregulation, of Cheney’s Halliburton cutting corners, of reichwing oil barons manipulating oil prices. You and your “real men drive SUVs and Hummers to make up for lack of actual manhood,” your “We don’t believe in science,” your squawk shows with “conservation and alternative energy is for wimps….” YOU ARE SOLELY AND TOTALLY TO BLAME.

    Everything that caused this disaster — the substandard equipment, the untrained emergency response (while most of our trained forces and response equipment was over in Iraq dying for — guess what? Iraq’s oil fields!) — is completely and forever the fault of the idiots and traitors who put that tantrum-throwing wartime-deserter Chicken George in power, and every last one of you should be fined everything you own to compensate the people whose lives YOU destroyed.

    And anyone still cheering for “drill, baby, drill” should be dropped on top of the site of the blowout. Preferably wired to a cement block.

  • Canuck

    Scott, you are so right. If there was no profit for corporations to behave like that they would not. But people still make it profitable for the corp.s to destroy jobs, the economy, the environment, everything they can if it will extract an almighty buck. If shoppers refused to buy Chinese imports, only bought American goods, well the wl-marts would sell American goods, because that’s where the money is. Pretty simple cause and effect but people don’t get it.

  • Ultra Disgusted

    Were it up to me, Tony Hayward would be contemplating “Getting his life back” from the pits of Hell.

  • Linda

    I live right by Perdido Key Florida’s Gulf Island National Seashore, approx. 10 minutes from my driveway to the beach. I haven’t gone to the beach at all and haven’t even taken my usual walks along the shorline as I know from past debocals that our Govt. lies to us and they’re saying all is well and down the road they’ll say, oops, we were mistaken. The problem is that disolved oil is hard to see and the corexit is toxic and both odorless and colorless and we don’t know enough about it. My neighbor takes his young children and their friends surfing in the Gulf. Everyone is back fishing and YIKES….eating the fish. Oil is found deep in the sand and they are only now trying to rake deep below 6″ to clean that oil. What a horrible mess. BP is paying people for lost wages, but what about home values lost and those of us who can’t even sell our homes and leave?

  • Linda

    I do have a swimming pool and am thinking of having the water analyzed to see if the reports are true. I haven’t smelled anything odd, don’t know of anyone getting sick and haven’t seen any plant life effected, and haven’t seen oil on the ground at all, but it would be nice to know for sure if anything is in my pool water. I am not sure how to go about that, and how much it would cost.

  • Patriot

    If you think this is bad, think again. It only gets worse. I urge you all to check out the video titled The End of Liberty. If this doesn’t make your blood boil I don’t know what will.

    (BTW I am not affiliated in anyway with the website, just bringing awareness to the people.)

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  • I haven’t heard from one conservative how sad they are about this spill or for that matter how angry.

  • Something BP did not spray deliberately on the population… not the chemical poison BP defied the EPA to spray over a populated area.

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