Toxicologist says Gulf residents suffering from UNKNOWN, persistent rashes — RESISTANT to multiple rounds of antibiotics (VIDEO)

Toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott Interview, Ring of Fire Radio (Mike Papanatonio, Esq.), September 25, 2010:

Transcript Summary

Credit: Sheri Allen

Dr. Ott: Persistent, reoccurring rashes, diagnosed as MRSA… 3rd round of antibiotics… chemical causation with secondary biological infection… then the rash reoccurs…

h/t BPGulfLeak

6 comments to Toxicologist says Gulf residents suffering from UNKNOWN, persistent rashes — RESISTANT to multiple rounds of antibiotics (VIDEO)

  • xdrfox

    Nasty stuff ! Geesh !!

  • Don't stick around...

    What people don’t realize is that the rash is a signal and much worse damage can be occurring to your internal organs, nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, etc. FYI, you can get brain damage from long-term exposure to petroleum-based VOCs!
    Why stick around to see how persistent the effects are???

  • kingfish33919

    What is apt to be the extent of the affected area -Fort Myers, the Everglades, the keys, the whole of Forida

  • Ted

    More lies courtesy of BP and the Government!

    The Suncoast’s Best Networking Site

  • premurderedGOM

    I’m no expert [working on it] but here goes. When the body shows outward signs of distress there is an underlying internal cause. In the case of rashes in the Gulf, it is clearly a sign a chemical poisoning. An overload of toxins causing inflammation inside and out. The only way to help yourself is to detox the poisons and address the inflammation or find an “enviromental” specialist that can help. A word to the wise here, all Doctors work basically for big Pharma so don’t expect them to help, care, or put themselves in a position to be sued by BP. They are not trained in natural or alternative type care. Whatever you do don’t take more prescribed chemicals! Here is a way to help yourself. Start with drinking only distilled water. Lots of it. It binds and help remove chemicals with the help of Chlorella. A green fresh water algae that has natures most powerful purifying substance, chlorophyll. Sun Chlorella is what I take.[health food store] You will also need a natural anti-inflammatory such as Zyflamend by New Chapter. [check out thier website]Also drink Dandelion tea to detox the liver. Again, I use Traditional Medicinals Organic Dandelion Tea.[honey helps the taste, please don’t use honey for kids under 2] Target still sells it here in Pensacola. Next, flood your system with organic foods such as salads and fruit juices, soups, rice and vegtables. Eat light and healthy. As for the rashes stay the heck out of outdoor pools and the ocean. Buy a “silver” based ointment [health store] or natural antibiotic. Trial and error here. One last word. The products here are what I have personally researched and trust. You can find others that work just as well. I hold firm on the choice of tea. Please don’t forget your kids and pets. UDO’S makes a wonderful supplement for cat’s and dog’s. Good Luck and Godspeed………D.H. USAR

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