Travel writers get “a CHECK from BP” for coming to Florida “to get the word out” that the oil disaster is “over” — near BP-funded sand castles

Travel writers visiting beaches on BP dime, Pensacola News Journal, September 26, 2010:


What does it take to get a half dozen travel writers [from Baton Rouge Parents, the Houston Tribune, Southern Hospitality Magazine, www.Planet, and, among others] to Navarre Beach?

This weekend, it took a check from BP and a white stretch limousine.

Six travel writers — chauffeured around in a limo — are on Navarre Beach this weekend to get the word out that this summer’s BP oil spill is over…

“From now on in, we’re not going to mention oil, unless it comes back,” [Santa Rosa County Tourist Development Council Kate] Wilkes said. “In our advertisements, the message is that the beaches are beautiful, but, also, it’s that there is more to do.”

6 comments to Travel writers get “a CHECK from BP” for coming to Florida “to get the word out” that the oil disaster is “over” — near BP-funded sand castles

  • Dixie

    And these useful idiots will go out there and sound the all clear! Real journalists used to do good investigative work on their stories to try and get the truth. No more. They just want to get their palms greased. My disgust grows by the day!

  • Dixie,

    Maybe those injured as a result of the misinformation will sue: God bless them if they can get a lawyer to take their case.

    Journalism in this country has deteriorated over the past couple of decades, especially since the Reagan administration, through the Bushes’ administrations, and continues today under Obama. Silence and corruption, with fictive writing supports their presence.

    Plus: Please see…

    Please peruse about 20 pages. The wealth of information is astounding: The Supreme Court of the United States indicates the condition of sovereignty and Constitutional Rights.

  • premurderedGOM

    Let the sideshow begin. Hoardes of families will get deathly ill. If there is an agenda to this, please enlighten me. Anyone?

  • I can think of no other Agenda other than Agenda 21. Google it, people!

  • Susan

    Michael Moore Please do a documentary on this nightmare. Travel writers…you whores.

  • ArgotMay

    Sooo glad I decided not to buy a house there because of this spill. Now, if I can just get my Floridian friends to leave! I’d love to hear an interview with one of the lying travel writers on how they talked themselves into stooping so low. I wonder if they all say money, or what?! I would rather be homeless. I have been homeless, so I can say that for sure.

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