“Just unbelievable”: Dead seals, catfish, starfish, urchins, slugs was ashore in NE Canada — “I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years”

‘I’ve never seen anything like it’, The Telegram, January 18, 2011:

As many as 20 dead harp seals have washed ashore in Boat Harbour over the past couple of weeks…

Wallace Woodward, who has lived in the small community northwest of St. Anthony for most of his 52 years, says no one can remember such a thing happening before. …

And it’s not just harp seals that have been swept into the harbour — hundreds of dead catfish have washed onto land, becoming entangled with the seaweed strewn along the shore. A myriad of other marine life, like sea slugs, sea urchins and starfish have also perished in the past three weeks.

I’ve never seen anything like it, b’y, in all my years,”  Woodward said Thursday, “It’s just unbelievable.” …

“At this time we do not know the cause and DFO science is investigating” – Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) spokeswoman

14 comments to “Just unbelievable”: Dead seals, catfish, starfish, urchins, slugs was ashore in NE Canada — “I’ve never seen anything like it in all my years”

  • Watchout! Something of the like will occur in the northern part of the United States — again too. No living being is safe from BP and their Macondo Well and it’s travelling catastrophe. This will continue to get worse.

    The only temporary solution is to move to areas that have not experienced unusual animal deaths. But don’t get too comfortable because you’ll need to keep moving. Until you succumb.

    Sorry. I feel more-and-more creeped out as the months on the calendar moves forward…

  • Chelsea

    I just want to know… if this well were to have blown again since they’ve taken the ROVs up and abandoned it, how would anyone know until it’s far, far too late? I fear for what is in store this summer. If oil is still spewing underwater and a major hurricane moves in… we’re all doomed.

  • xdrfox

    New foam from corexit is still coming ashore so they must still be Whack a Moleing with the oil still surfacing in the Gulf.

  • xdrfox

    I think soon we will see deaths around the coast of Africa or Cape Horn.

  • matthew

    Where is the news media … they will say this caused it and that this caused it but nothing about bp or corexit. I mean what gives.

  • Jack

    Matthew, Chelsea….
    Go back to the Mother Lode of Truth about this Macondo
    Mr.B.K. Lim, Phoenixrisingfromthegulf.com, and READ and STUDY
    his detective work.
    It was done intentionally, by the Ruling Satanists of the World.
    Ever take any Geology?
    Old Timers knew and assumed they would NEVER go drill in
    the Fractured-out, Faulted, and Too Deep Zones down there.
    Matt Simmons reported major oil from a spot SEVEN MILES
    away from the Deepwater Whore-izon.
    Matt Simmons was “suicided” for talking too much.
    “Where is the News media?”, Matthew, you gotta KNOW that
    our mass-media is totally Controlled by Reward-and-Threat.
    Every Talking Head you see on the News is a mindless script-reader, with no knowledge nor interest beyond their Paycheck.
    Get IT?
    Any body daring to spread Truth is attacked by actual, Goddamned Demons in human flesh.
    I sent multiple emails, and left phone messages for all
    the panhandle-Biloxi News Stations. Not one answer.
    The South is still so Childlike in its Establishment Hair-Do
    False Reality, compared to out in the Wild West.

  • xdrfox

    Jacks up to speed !

  • xdrfox

    Where is the news media… See no Evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, Dummy down America to truths, all will be blind sided.

  • chelsea:

    IMHO, the well has not *blown again* since April 20, 2010. It just never stopped, although the volume and force is just a trickle in comparison to what it was in the beginning. But, the volume seeping presently and previously must be considered serious. Although more dilute, the toxins are there and are k*llers, and will be k*llers for decades — centuries.

    Those toxins travel through the Gulf of Mexico and around south Florida — up the East Coast and onwards to Europe as well as to Africa: From Europe the Atlantic water turns northeast and flows toward Norway, Sweden, Iceland… and Canada.

    The toxic Atlantic water will contaminate the ground water of Canada — in lakes and ponds — rivers, and heads south. Hello America. Back again!

  • Becky

    I truly believe this is all part of a “depopulation” scheme by our government. The more I research and read, the less I trust our government. They are all evil as far as I’m concerned. We are poisoned through our food, water, air and pharmaceutical drugs. They try to take away our freedom of choice on the things we consume such as food and supplements which is the biggest load of crap to put it nicely. Farmers are being treated like criminals for selling raw milk and one of the most evil companies in the world, Monsanto, pretty much forces farmers to use their genetically modified seeds. It’s all about control and we, the people, have no control anymore. Our forefathers are probably rolling in their graves.

  • Becky

    Oh, and I totally agree with Jack. 🙂

  • Jean

    This past Saturday, there were dead starfish at the tide line everywhere I walked along the beach at St. George Island in Florida. I’ve never seen so many dead starfish. As the tide was going out, there were little bluish-green pieces of algae or some kind of scum left in the sand. It didn’t look like anything I’ve normally seen.

  • Fellow Posters:

    We’re all in agreement, except I disagree that the south is still childlike, unlike the wild west.

    Just look at what Becky has said! It’s all true, but Americans living in the east, west, south, north and elsewhere, simply won’t believe it. We’re called conspiratist or told to go fetch our foil hat.

    And it doesn’t matter to the others that there is documentation.

  • xdrfox

    Like Prez ?

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