“Unprecedented” fish kill in Jacksonville for past two weeks “isn’t related to annual cycle”; “Lesions in the brain… points to toxicity” (PHOTOS)

Fish kill in St. Johns isn’t related to annual cycle

There’s no easy solution for the puzzling fish kill in St. Johns
, Jacksonville Times-Union, June 26, 2010:

If you think the… fish kill on the St. Johns River is an annual event that just came early this year, think again. … “This kill is unprecedented,” he said. He explained that fish kills due to low oxygen levels are typically confined to smaller areas, not as widespread as the problem has become. …

He said they found lesions in the brains of some redfish. “I’m not sure what else,” White said. That, White says, points to toxicity. …

White said that he’s received reports from the area of the Rudder Club  “adjacent to the Buckman Bridge” of water birds that mainly eat small fish regurgitating stomach contents. …

“There will be no quick or easy solution” to whatever is happening. Identifying the problem isn’t likely to make it go away.

Why Jacksonville? See: Palm Beach Post: Oil slick almost certain to ride current

In one experiment, a buoy dropped in the Gulf made its way via the Loop [Current]… recalled George Maul, the head of the Department of Marine Environmental Systems at the Florida Institute of Technology[The buoy] shot straight to Jacksonville.

See also: USF Dean says oil “within a few miles of the Jacksonville” coast

“Some of the tar balls may start showing up on the east coast as far as Jacksonville,” Bill Hogarth, dean of the College of Marine Science at USF, told members of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association in a telephone conference call.

And: Baby Whale Beaches Self (near Jacksonville)

“Infections and toxins are going to be the big killers of these animals,” [Dr. Michael] Walsh said.

11 comments to “Unprecedented” fish kill in Jacksonville for past two weeks “isn’t related to annual cycle”; “Lesions in the brain… points to toxicity” (PHOTOS)

  • mj

    Here’s a newflash for the drama queen who wrote this ‘article’.

    It’s algae bloom, Einstein.

    Get it NOW?

  • I hope it goes straight to Britain and f—– burns them b——

  • Albert E.

    hey mj, which oil company do you work for?

    ’cause you sure jumped to their defense rapidly, and without physically seeing a single fish, and immediately started with sophmoric name calling as a petty gesture at discrediting the author.

    Or perhaps you’re more qualified to make an assessment than Quinton White, the executive director of the marine science institute at Jacksonville University?

    Please let us all know what your credentials are for your proclaimation, otherwise, you just sound like a shallow oil co. slut trying to play down the worst ecological disaster in this country’s history.

  • mj

    hey mj, which oil company do you work for? >>>

    None. But I LIVE where the ficticious incident is alleged to have occured. It’s not due to Obama’s Great Fish Kill 2010…it’s algae bloom.

    Glad to help.

  • obviously there is a problem we need to stop pointing fingers and see what the hell we as fisherman and boaters we can do to help the situation I fish in the st. johns every dam day now my heart is truly broken first the gulf and now this? one word people DISGUSTED!!!!!!!

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