“Unusual” Louisiana ‘Flu’? Top Doc says it’s been “extraordinary this year” — Respiratory problems lasting for 3+ weeks (VIDEO)

Flu bug bites hard in Louisiana, WWL, February 2, 2011:

The flu has hit Louisiana especially hard this year, and continues to be a major problem. Health experts say the situation is unusual.

“The flu problem has been extraordinary this year. We’ve had a fairly early season,” says Dr. Frank Welch, Medical Director for Louisiana’s Immunization Program. …

“And we have been at the maximum level, which is called ‘widespread‘, for about three to four weeks now,” says Welch. …

“Because we are seeing so many different types of flu, it wouldn’t be surprising to me if there was a new type that started coming in and we see another peak coming up in the next couple weeks,” Welch says.

Even some of those who’ve been immunized against the flu have developed a mild form of the flu.

Is the BP Gulf Oil Disaster impacting people’s immune systems? See:

2 comments to “Unusual” Louisiana ‘Flu’? Top Doc says it’s been “extraordinary this year” — Respiratory problems lasting for 3+ weeks (VIDEO)

  • soozla

    Add this to the regular flu and people in a weakened condition due to chem exposure.

  • How can doctors be so stupid? This article alone should keep the majority of people from seeking medical attention from a traditional establishment. You can smell the methane in the air, but the doctors are baffled. They talk about flu strains, but hey don’t actually mention a specific strain, which to me is quite indicative that this is the Gulf Blue Plague.

    My sister just went o FL with her family to say goodbye after their rush departure earlier this summer. Within two hours of arriving on Anna Maria Island, my brother-in-law was sick. The next day, my sister and her children were all sick. Most of their symptoms disappeared the day after they left Florida. My mom insists on staying behind, believing someone needs to help the old people in nursing homes who cannot leave the gulf) She has been sick for months. She finally started getting better when she returned to Florida. Now all of the doctors have ordered dozens of tests to tell her what she already knows – she and everyone else has been poisoned by BP and the US government.

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