*UPDATED* Patches floating near Miami filmed from 15th floor

July 9 in Hollywood, FL

July 9 in Hollywood, FL

Comments by camerawoman:

I watched it for two hours.

It moved north on the surface.

Other patches were moving in from the south.

I wanted to believe it was anything EXCEPT oil, but sadly.. it is what it is.

  • Area: Hollywood Beach, FL at the south end of the Boardwalk
  • Location: 15th floor of  building on South Ocean Drive
  • Filmed on Friday July 9, 2010 at 4:00pm

Eyewitness statement to floridaoilspilllaw.com:

There were multiple patches of still oil resting on the surface. 24 hours later I am not seeing the same amount of patches, my guess is that the currents have changed. The ocean is also appearing “flat” or “still” today, not as it was yesterday.

Oil Reaches the Miami Beaches, YouTube, July 9, 2010:

Part 1 description (*warning* explicit language near end):

“Patches of oil were seen floating on the surface of the ocean this afternoon.”

Part 2 description:

“Oil was seen washing up to shore on July 9, 2010.”

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JUNE FLASHBACK: A half-mile long oil slick was reported nearby off the Ft. Lauderdale coast last month by a yacht captain, pictured here:

Oil Slick off Ft. Lauderdale (New Times)

17 comments to *UPDATED* Patches floating near Miami filmed from 15th floor

  • Rick

    Is it possible that I, not living in that area, have missed the single common-sense warning that people living near, or within 5 miles of Gulf beaches, might be wise to either close their windows at night, or at least have fans set up to provide an airflow-perhaps avoiding sleep-time poisoning that might otherwise be noticed & avoided in the day-time??Just thinking about how Carbon monoxide victims are usually asleep-& this stuff is as bad or worse.

  • JonJanderson

    WOW even with the oil blob it is such a beautiful ocean view.

  • Dopes

    Those are clusters of jelly fish u dopes!

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    I wonder how it will look in the next 30 days? And I wonder how many people will be sick from the affects of the deadly chemicals that will follow this oil right blowup. I believe that the new world order antichrist beast system, intentionally blew the oil rig to cause pandamonium and the lost of jobs and lives for their new world order takeover!!

  • Christyyy

    My bets are on sargassum mats, unless there was ground-truthing done?

  • It is past time to be awake, in body, soul and spirit. More than mere survival at stake.

  • xdrfox

    A potty mouth with a child present !

  • Bryson

    Looks like patches of seaweed from the gulf stream to me. ft lauderdale is not miami btw. ive been going to the beaches in South Florida and no oily beaches yet. a couple weeks ago some surfers found tar balls but they dont think it was from the bp spill. lets all hope that diaster doesnt spread around the world in the oceans currents.

  • Please stop causing needless panic and worry. That is NOT oil from the BP spill. This is seen regularly as either sludge from normal plant weatherings, as well as seaweed, and indeed some oil from passing ships. This is normal.

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