Update: “Thick sheets of tar” below sand will be forced “to the cleaner, higher elevated portions of unaffected beach” during heavy tides (PHOTOS)

Oil spill: Beach’s beauty only skin deep, Pensacola News Journal, June 25, 2010:

Despite intensive efforts by more than 1,100 workers and heavy equipment to clean thick tar from Pensacola Beach overnight Wednesday, massive sheets of oil remained buried in the sand.

A major concern is that a heavy tide can unearth the hidden oil and redistribute it to the cleaner, higher elevated portions of unaffected beach. …

The researchers’ efforts at Pensacola Beach mirror earlier examinations of Dauphin Island in Alabama. “They were buried at Dauphin Island, but not like this. Those were tar balls getting buried,” Wang said. “This is a very substantial patch of oil getting buried.” …


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