Update with correction: Oil, not Corexit, found in Naples-area waters

Comment from Sayer Ji of TestingTheWater.org on September 5, 2010 at 12:12 a.m., EDT in response to Naples-area water testing shows “chemical compounds that can only come from Corexit 9527″:

Our tests did not show indication of Corexit use in Naples because we did not test for it. We did find 1 ppm of oil, but again, nothing indicating the presence of 2-butoxyethanol or propylene glycol. We will continue to monitor the water, and will continue to report our findings at http://www.testingthewater.org.

FOSL contacted Mr. Ji on September 5 about his comment. He responded:

Thank you for contacting me on this matter. Also, I would like to say thus far – everything you have put out there has been very helpful and accurate.

I did speak briefly with Dr. Tom [Termotto] on this interview and he said, regretfully, the interview got pulled into a confusing direction, and some misinformation apparently was generated.

Ji’s response to the question: “What is incorrect with Mr. Termotto’s statements?” [During a recent radio interview, Tom Termotto said he spoke to chemist Bob Naman that day and was told a sample was “showing levels of different chemical compounds that can only come from Corexit 9527.″ He specifically said it was the Naples/Bonita Springs area sample(s) from his friends at testingthewater.org.]

As to what was incorrect about Dr Termotto’s statements apparently some wires got crossed during the interview. The audio piece went from talking about the finding of 50ppm in a Tampa pool to talking about Testing the waters and our tests of water in the Naples Bonita area, without proper differentiation. I think Dr. Tom did misspeak at one point indicating that markers for Corexit were found there [near Naples].

[From an email by Dr. Termotto: “I did speak to Bob Naman about the Corexit found in sample of the coast of Alabama. He never indicated Corexit in the South FL samples; that was my mixing up two different issues.”]

Ji’s response to the question: “Have you spoken with Mr. Naman about the samples that Mr. Termotto referred to which contained the Corexit 9527A markers?”

I have been in contact with Bob [Naman, chemist] since the beginning, and can confirm the accuracy of the reports in Tampa [actually an hour north of Tampa in Homosassa].

I also am the one who contracted him to do the tests for Bonita, Naples, Tampa and Sarasota. I am absolutely certain that no such marker has been found THUS FAR. We are still doing ongoing tests, so this may change soon.

The real technical limitation is that it [tests for Corexit markers] can only go down to 5ppm in sensitivity. We would have to have a relatively high concentration in order to find what we are looking.

Ji graciously added, “I am sorry for the confusion that has been generated.”

Dr. Tom Termotto affirmed the facts pertaining to the Naples/Bonita Spring samples are as Mr. Ji stated.

FOSL strives to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. Thank you to the parties involved for helping to clear this up.

Further important updates are on the way regarding this matter. Stay tuned.

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