Valdez Toxicologist: “People are dropping dead now” — “I don’t think we’ll have to wait years to see the effects like we did in Alaska”

BP dispersants ‘causing sickness’, Dahr Jamail, October 27, 2010:

Dr. Riki Ott, a toxicologist, marine biologist, and Exxon Valdez survivor:

People are already dying from this… I’m dealing with three autopsy’s right now.

I don’t think we’ll have to wait years to see the effects like we did in Alaska, people are dropping dead now.

I know two people who are down to 4.75 per cent of their lung capacity, their heart has enlarged to make up for that, and their esophagus is disintegrating, and one of them is a 16-year-old boy who went swimming in the Gulf.”

8 comments to Valdez Toxicologist: “People are dropping dead now” — “I don’t think we’ll have to wait years to see the effects like we did in Alaska”


    Personally, I find the American people disgusting. Why do you sit and be slaughtered? And your children? What about them? Your pets? They have to be ill. Why do you wait? Stand up or die? Is that really a choice? You are armed, are you not? Didn’t your people stand up in history and revolt? Now you are just revolt-ING….. think or be eaten

  • Proud American

    I think you’d be making a mistake if you were to lump all Americans into one unit.

    Most americans are disgusted by this and many are fighting tooth and nail down in the south to make people accountable for their actions.

    Those of us in other parts of the country can’t do much but carry on with our daily lives. Do you expect us to quit our jobs, go down and get poisoned just to say we did it?

    It’s over for the South. It was over immediatly when the hole opened in the bottom of the ocean. There is nothing anyone can do but pray at this point. We have to hope that someway, somehow, we can salvage this and heal the gulf of mexico and surrounding areas.

    But my guess is that we have worse things coming. The affect this is having on the temperature of ocean currents could possibly bring about a little ice age.

    Scientists in the know are talking about the coming winter and it doesn’t look pretty.

  • albert trimble

    Why doesn’t this information ever show up on mainstream news? I know that BP and the Government are suppressing the news, but it seems like a group of 30 or 40 people showing up at a TV studio with Dr. Ott, or at a newspaper, would get some kind of attention. The internet is great, but it can also be safely ignored. Somehow, this info has to be brought into the mainstream. It’s time for folks on the gulf coast to get creative.

  • xdrfox

    Some more of what the goverment is not telling you ! …
    Pt 1 of 4…

  • Jean

    It’s beyond crazy now, when we get better news coverage from Aljazeera than from our American mainstream media.

  • Daniel Hughes

    True, Jean. Russia Today is another more reliable news source than any of our MSM.

    Good reference, xdrfox. This is the third or fourth detailed account of such a possibility which I have encountered, and one more nail in the coffin of plausibility, as far as I am concerned.

  • xdrfox

    Here is anoughter report … Crude Awakening – USA …

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