“Very unusual” fish kill says Gulf State Park spokesman — “They’re all over, dead and we don’t know why” (VIDEO)

Dead fish litter beach at Ala. pier, Fox 10 WALA, March 26, 2011:

[Emphasis Added]

Charles Kelley Gulf State Park spokesman:

“The thing is it’s the same kind of fish its not a mixture of fish. It’s a spayed [sic] fish… There’s just too many of them dying and of the same species that’s very unusual.”

“The spayed fish eat the jelly fish and we normally don’t have this many around until late summer but their all over, dead and we don’t know why.”

“I’ve never seen this before.” [Kelly started working on the water in 1995]

Laura Pfizenmayer walks the beach in Gulf Shores every morning:

“When we came down we saw dead fish. They were everywhere. I mean you don’t have to find them. You can turn around and see them. They were everywhere.”

“Something is happening out here. It frightens me it frightens me as a resident. We finally got people on the beach and I don’t want our sea life dying.”

“I’m not an expert, I’m just a resident, a concerned resident and I’d like to know what’s going on.”

Dead fish litter beach at Ala. pier: fox10tv.com

27 comments to “Very unusual” fish kill says Gulf State Park spokesman — “They’re all over, dead and we don’t know why” (VIDEO)

  • soozla

    In the last few days –they have dumped alot of corexit(since Wathen”s vid) to try and hide it the oil during spring break…a lot of corexit..
    Watching the people walk on the beach saturated in oil/dispersant.. dodging the dead fish.. and swimming in a sea full of oil and corexit.. is a horror movie …who needs Hollywood.

  • soozla

    Denial and disconnect is simply not going to work.
    Oh..they will say the “doomers and gloomers” predicted this trouble…
    nope…just see it coming…rather scientifically.
    And in plain common sense…..look at water.. look at catches..
    Hard truths…
    I just don’t get it..
    You show a person the loop current projections…they say “Oh.. my God..that’s terrible!”..then they mentally wander off to a sporting event… or celebrity zit fest.
    How is that?

  • soozla

    Helps to spell..scientificly correctly..lol.
    It wasn’t too hard.. ya know..draw the people back from the shoreline. Pay them what they are due..
    Oh..no…they have got to do the “song and dance” ..”…stand on one foot then the other”…anything(including murder)than tell the truth.
    The fact.. that after all these months ..people are less aware than more..is pretty depressing this morning..
    More learning the hard way… coming for the people.

  • soozla

    ..and while I’m slinging it..thanks WKRG for running off the whistler- blowers this summer…

    … I just love the.. breathless cluelessness..of the reporting from their station

  • xdrfox

    Anyone ‘in the Gulf fishing’ or on loading docks seen ships headed out the the Horizon site that may be carrying cargo ie Corexit ?

  • Anthony

    “Figures lie and liars figure”
    You guys are all stupid. There’s nothing to see here. It’s the cold weather. Definitely the cold weather, definitely…..NOT
    On a quick note. If you’ve ever owned a fish tank, you’ll notice that the more sensitive fish die first after a dramatic change in their environment.
    Also, when there is a lot of death, more bacteria and damaging algae become prevalent consuming everything and that includes zapping the CO2. It doesn’t take a scientist to realize the waters are not only poisoned with chemicals/pollutants, more importantly the decaying carcasses of ocean life.
    There’s nothing to see here folks, you’re all alarmists who know nothing. It’s the cold weather.

  • xdrfox

    Yep, all them people come down to swim and sunbath in this cold/water weather on Spring Break !

  • Jean

    I don’t know much about the habits of different species of fish, so I did some research on spadefish. Before the officials blame cold weather, they might want to read this, which supports what the park ranger said about not seeing them till later in the summer.

    “Most of the fishing action for spadefish takes place over artificial reefs within 10 to 15 miles of the coast. In some areas, reefs might not be present. If that is the case, head to the nearest offshore navigation structure, such as a light tower supported by pilings. Spadefish move fairly far offshore and deep to escape cold weather.

    During the warmer months, roughly from May through September, they will be found on the near-shore structures.”


    Another interesting habit–They are especially common at offshore oil and gas platforms in the northern Gulf.


  • Anthony

    A wise man once said; ‘An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it’.

  • C.Dodds

    Fish kills can occur for several reasons. One is a faster than usual change of magnetic polarity which confuses some fish because they have a sense which relies on the maagnetic field for navigation.. (The magnetic pole characteristically moves all the time.) A second cause might be experiments or warfare with the HAARP weapon which can tune into vibratory patterne of various species and kill mainly just a chosen group. A third cause could be corexit, or other dispersants or oil poisoning. Such kills have been linked to immanent earthquakes.

  • Anthony

    Interesting my dear Watson

  • soozla

    This can go on FOREVER…dead sea life washs up…some “official” stands around saying… “Don’t know what could be causing this..”
    Well..all I can say is…

  • richelieu22

    @soozla- how did wkrg run off whistle blowers? who/what are you talking about?

  • brownoiledpelican

    They don’t know why all the dead fish? Could it be because I’ve been smelling crude for a week coming in from the gulf depending on the wind? Ive had to be out side a lot so iv’e been very much aware of the odor. Sunday the 20th i smelled it for over 11 hrs untill i went to bed. All week on and off been smelling it and Sun 3/27 it was stronger. My mouth and tongue have been burning.I wonder if the hydrocarbons are causing that.

  • C.Dodds

    It sounds a really bad environment down on the Gulf. Something is clearly extremely unhealthy there. When we think we cannot do anything about a dangerous situation or it is too difficult to act sensibly we tend to go into denial. This is not the way out. You can move. It really is possible. The Gulf problems seem set to get much worse. It is best to camp in the bush somewhere, maybe get another job, rather than remain in such an unhealthy place. MOVE OUT.

  • lyonesse

    I know what soozla is talking about.
    There was many, many people involved with watching the ROVS…they had “live feed” and the “whistle blowers” were posting.WKRG was totally involved.Then people were banned by the WKRG..by blocking the IP’s of people they did not want to hear from anymore.
    I believe WKRG was paid off and/or intimidated.

  • soozla

    Between… the oil/corexit gusher,HAARP,
    and the complicity of the government and military…the people have no shot at survival.
    How can we change that dynamic?

  • lyonesse

    Some of us can’t get on the blog now!

  • Diane

    very unusual???? Not after what they have done to the gulf coast and all land, sea, and air…why are they acting like they are stumped…they know the reason for this..god I hate liars..almost as much as I hate people that have no common sense!

  • Anthony

    Yes Diane, figures lie and liars figure.

  • Toxins in the water have been killing tons of Jellyfish whose beautiful bodies are transparent and most vulnerable.

    So it seems only natural holes begin to appear in the food chain as a result of their vulnerability being that Jellyfish are the Spayed Fish main food source.

    I believe that’s also a logical factor as to why we see so many of these single-species mass deaths.

  • xdrfox

    Cindy Barg
    Yes and here are a few, 1st one by me

    Jellyfish East Coast of Florida Peninsula State Park *PICS*560
    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Weird: a wave of thousands of dead jellyfish washed up this weekend along the coast. *PIC*
    Sunday, February 06, 2011

  • xdrfox

    Thousands of Dead Jellyfish mixed into Piles of Seaweed over Three Feet High370
    Tuesday, February 01, 2011

  • xdrfox

    Dolphins, Turtle and Whales eat jellies !

  • John from Philly

    I am very sad and disappointed with what’s going on in the gulf. All those reports of folks sick or dying should be the major topic in main stream media. But, alas, TPTB have their own agenda. Regarding all the similar symptoms the folks are having, I believe it’s due to the synthetic bacteria that was dispersed during the cleanup. I’m almost sure this the main cause for the problems, along with the oil itself. I’ve seen many videos of problems the people are reporting but have yet to see any comments on this synthetic bacteria. If this bacteria is suspected of actually eating paint off the bottom of boats and eroding metals, just imagine if it got into ones blood system. The body wouldn’t and couldn’t deal with it because of its foreign and synthetic nature. I’m waiting for any professional person to look into this issue for I believe it’s the root cause of the symptoms.

    Thanks for reading.

  • It keeps me despicable to see such processes, for example, if I happened to me I would change its patrons directly …

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