Video: Could be years before oil stops coming up Florida’s East Coast says captain

‘Gruesome’ oil cleanup ahead for Palm Beach area; Glory days of Florida fishing will be over, looking at Central America

West Palm Beach-area fisherman and charter boat captains are bracing for what could be “the demise of their livelihood,” according to a report yesterday by WPEC Channel 12, a CBS affiliate.

Fishermen described the cleanup South Florida “will face from this horrific oil spill” as  “gruesome and long”.

“This could be years before we see the end of this petroleum coming up the coast,” said Captain Bill Taylor.

“If this oil gets here and ruins the fisheries for the next 10-20 years, mine as well move to a another state,” added first mate Andrew Wooten.

WPEC reported that Captian Taylor “is looking at taking his charter boat to Central America because he says that he thinks the glory days of fishing in florida will soon be a past time.”

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