Violent seepage from seafloor — Part II (VIDEO)

UPDATE: Click for *MUST SEE* Non-stop black blobs seeping from seafloor — Front and OVERHEAD views (VIDEO)

Live feed from Ocean Intervention III — ROV 1, August 17, 2010 at 3:00 p.m. EDT:

Compare the inactivity on the right side of the video with the non-stop activity on the left.

Largest bursts at 1:35 in, 1:55 in., and 2:10 in.

4 comments to Violent seepage from seafloor — Part II (VIDEO)

  • jec

    On the DeepWater Horizon US/BP site, the event probably is associated with pressure test changes shown in the data online around the same time today, August 17. Guess this “explosive” activity is associated with the static pressure test??? Is the plan to have methane or ??? leak from the seafloor..because it certainly didnt look like the well head/BOP…

  • Mark

    A steady stream of bubbles certainly isn’t good, but I wouldn’t call this violent. Violent is what we saw with the billowing riser cloud for 3 months.

  • eric watson

    oil is in tampa bay ! been here all my life and my boat is stained on the bottom for the first time since 1967 big blooms of algae and brown and crap in the water its effected everything this oil spill there not telling us the full extent of the damage thats because BP got in there and took control ! i have video from weeks ago to prove the dead fish and brown and black water floating by it was the worst time cleaning the boat

  • ducq

    Bear in mind that these are controlled feeds. Nothing will be shown that might endanger the horse-and-pony show.

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