WARNING: Dispersant/Surfactant eats through water filters & fish gills — Via Gasland (VIDEO)

NEWS ALERT: New Test Results Confirm Presence of Corexit 9500A in Mississippi Sound, Stuart H. Smith, Esq., October 23, 2010:

The results are in – and they’re disturbing. The water samples our research team took on August 10, 2010 from Mississippi Sound contain dispersant-related chemicals from the Gulf’s surface. …

The samples spiked with Corexit 9500A also contained di (propylene glycol) butyl ether.

If you have not seen Gasland, please support the filmmaker’s efforts by renting or buying the movie.

It is currently available for viewing via Comcast OnDemand or on Daily Motion, visit: http://www.dailymotion.com/visited/user/2010msbambi/1

Full Video of Susan Felio Price via Project Gulf Impact:

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  • No Spam

    Does anyone know how far inland the poisoning effects of this are currently going? I have to question why toxic Corexit is being used when safer and more effective alternatives are available. I suspect that the rig explosion, the poisoning of the gulf and humans in the area is intentional. There’s no other logical reason for Corexit to be used.

  • No Spam: I’d guess that the dispersant is sprayed over the water to insure that the large numbers of marine corpses do not arrive on the beaches; corexit disolves the tissue of their bodies in order to facillitate their sinking — perhaps before they can surface. They would want to assure that the remains stay at the bottom atop the seabed. Most mammals fall to the *depths* upon death.

    As small as we are in comparison to whales, dolphins, and other marine life –it takes us 3 days to return to the top and wash ashore. Corexit could return us to the top the same day — in MHO.

  • soozla

    Has anyone seen any studies on the effects of and/or dispersant on polyurythane?
    So are those tidy bags of ” clean up ” material that are being thrown in landfills leaking?
    Can this get into the local water supplies?

  • According to Michael Edward, the oil-eating bacteria is a genetically-engineered synthetic life form created using two bacteria that belong to a family of bacteria responsible for spreading cholera, the plague, salmonella and E.coli in humans. The original strains came from the south Pacific and from Antarctic waters. Haiti is suffering from an Asian strain of cholera.

  • Rockpicker: There are many genetically altered microorganisms, and the purpose in creating them is to create bioweapons, and those bioweapons are for use — not storage.

    In Haiti, those living in tarps on the outskirts of the major city effected by the earthquake, are unwelcome; there are *methods* to use in order to convince the homeless to “move on.”

    Indeed, the homeless are an eyesore to those living or working in or around the beautiful new buildings [post quake]; the tarps and the poor spoil the view for the elite. The new buildings were erected after the big earthquake; the quake that caused the homelessness.

    It’s like the Gulf of Mexico, it’s a tragedy — a grave threat to those living along the coast, but where is the monetary help to enable the people to relocate, should they wish to do so? Indeed, where is their compensation?

    As in Exxon Valdez, pennies will arrive in trickles, and in a few years, all of the victims will be dead.

  • soozla: You asked, “Has anyone seen any studies on the effects of and/or dispersant on polyurythane?”

    That’s a great question! I hope someone will be able to answer it.

  • sick & tired

    Why did US allow it to be used in gulf?
    Its not allowed in GB.

  • Gary

    Its called extermination or erradication.
    Actually in todays terms its genocide.
    The people are being disloved for their pensions and their land. Oil rigs will show up all along the gulf in the now DEAD tourist zones. They want you to go there and eat the food and DIE. When you die you do not live anymore meaning someone gets your land and pensions. Lots of rich and worthless folks in the south. Remeber Katrina?
    Bow to the queen and send money to the nice prnce being married.
    Sacrifices must be made
    Sorry America its over

  • oil lover

    I love oil. I consume more oil than anyone in the world. I love greed. I am the richest country in the world. I love the military. I spend more money than anyone else in the world on my military. I love killing innocent people for more oil, money or simply to expand my corporations around the world. I am sponsored by millionaires, billionaires and trillionaires (Rothschilds). If you are not at least a multi-millionaire, your concerns are no concerns of mine. Therefore your opinion doesn’t count, you are only worth anything to me as a collective taxpaying public. the death of anysingle one of you, the imprisonment, the torture will not affect my agenda. It is in your best interest to shut your mouth and hope that I don’t decide to invade your innocent community next.

  • xdrfox

    ALEX JONES was ripping today, taped ! About them and their adenda. … http://www.thealexjonesshow.com/

  • interesting...

    Yeah, there is a vibe in recent days near DC, where I live…. The worm has turned.

  • I want you all to notice that this site is getting very low on posting any new information on the oil spill. PCola Greg, who was keeping track in Pensacola has now cancelled his videos on YouTube, a viable resource for information. Will this site be next? It has been a herald of information for those affected, but will it be next to fold? I say to this site, take heart, all is not lost, we do not need for you to fold as well……..

  • xdrfox

    Many he/she has the flue ?

  • As I said before, this site seems to be going down, lack of information for the last two weeks. I find plenty. Such as the Bureau of Land Management doing a surprise inspection two hours before the blowout. Check IntelHub for more information.

  • xdrfox

    renseradio radio is having a good show now too. … http://www.renseradio.com/listenlive.htm

  • Gulfwaters

    To C. Smith, as of last week, PCola Gregg moved up North away from the Gulf Coast. I know of this because I live here in Pensacola also.

  • xdrfox

    sick & tired
    December 4, 2010 at 11:43 pm
    Why did US allow it to be used in gulf?
    Its not allowed in GB.
    … Corexit… http://beforeitsnews.com/story/298/506/Why_are_we_using_this_for_the_Gulf_Oil_Spill.html

  • This site may go down, but the hearts and souls of those who care will carry on, and take this story to as many people as possible, in the spirit of empathy.

    Who shall close our mouthes but death? I’ve decided no person — or any arm of the government, will close my mouth without a bul*et. This ongoing apocalypse is beyond [serious enough] to persist in the use of our freedom of speech to acknowledge the suffering of our brothers and sisters.

  • we live in gainesville fl, 50 miles from gulf coast.
    has anyone tested swiming pool water here for toxins ?
    how far inland do the toxins come in the rain ? aside from the traffic fumes these dispersant toxins are added poisons . to environment..i heard that the hydrocarbons disolve in ocean water & rise up to clouds which then disperse rain. how far inland are the toxins from the dispersants going is the question

  • xdrfox

    ron conroy
    I live on the east coast of Fl. and this is what the rains haven brought to us here, but there are videos of this all over the country and beyond, global. … Plants are Showing Us There Is Something in The Rain. (Pictures)… http://beforeitsnews.com/story/211/091/Plants_are_Showing_Us_There_Is_Something_in_The_Rain._Pictures.html

  • soozla

    I wasn’t going to opine on this but here goes any way . Somewhere in Alex Jones’ very loud plea,during his last show, he tried to tell the military they have been duped into defending big oil against the people or they are willfully about to take up arms against fellow citizens on behalf of a private company. Here , i add this is my interpretation.
    We are exposing our military to what ever toxins the rest of the population is being exposed to–debate the levels all folks want. Those handling both the oil and corexit receiving the highest exposure. Toxins are equal opportunity.. so thanks a lot “powers that be”.

  • xdrfox:

    Thanks for the photos. I hope ron convoy appreciated them as much as I did.

  • BiscuitandButter
    They are working on Gov. consumption to sale more Gulf seafood, … Your Children WILL BE FEED Gulf Seafood In Schools, Armed Services Will Eat It, And Prisoners in Prisons !

  • Folks, come and set up and post stories to share with all … http://beforeitsnews.com … no special skills needed. Just copy and past, share what you find with others !

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