CORRECTED: Water testing shows “chemical compounds that can only come from Corexit 9527″

* See: Update with correction: Oil, not Corexit, found in Naples-area waters

Original Report:

Excerpts from interview with Dr. Tom Termotto, Ph.D., Jeff Rense Program, September 2, 2010 at 12:05 a.m. EDT:

[First part discusses Homosassa, skip to 2:00 minutes in for Naples-area testing]

Termotto said he spoke with Chemist Bob Naman September 1 and was informed of these results. More information should be available soon on Testing the Water’s website:

10 comments to CORRECTED: Water testing shows “chemical compounds that can only come from Corexit 9527″

  • xdrfox

    My thoughts on the Corexit 9527, Lets say that the oil industries had huge stockpiles of this Corexit 9527 and had been band in many countries for use and a lot of money had been invested while these containers sat idle and investments could be lost, but along comes a well blowout in a country that has not band the use of Corexit 9527, as a businessman’s perspective, do you use what you have on had at the seen and ship in remaining stockpiles or do you let your investors loss their monies knowing that another chance to use this band material through much of the world may never be able to be used again ? It would be interesting to look into if stockpiles of this had been shipped to the Gulf area from warehouses around the world after the well blowout in the Gulf. We all know it has been admitted Corexit 9527 was used early on, but an article on this site and others plainly gave information that it was seen in areas of the Gulf on shore in huge containers that I do not believe had been placed there before the well blowout. The article said that the pictures would be release soon. Now I have found a website that I published in an article that show the large containers of Corexit 9500 on a dock in Al. not far from were samples had been taken to prove they was Corexit 9527 being used, when is the question. Getting back to the profit and loss of major companies bottom line. Does anyone believe that a company would change the labels on large containers to to increase profitability ? Stop lose ! … See the containers of “Corexit ! at Al. Dock ! Use for Carolina Skiff Boats ? …
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 …

  • maryanne jacobsen

    I wish there was a little more information here on this tape other than just “Our friends in the Bonita Springs/Naples area”. Did the new find show up in drinking water or another pool? I understand some people wanting to remain anonymous but if the aquifers have been tainted, people in Southwest Florida need to know.

    All the people living in the Cypress Valley/ Sugarmill Woods area in Homosassa where the Scheblers live should have their pools and ground water tested. One family claiming foul is not going to change anything. If indeed the Schebler’s pool was contaminated by overhead spraying of Corexit, this should be the top news on every radio and TV station not just in Florida but around the country. I looked up where the Scheblers live through the tax records. They are not adjacent to water so this is really serious if it is not the result of bad pool chemicals or some kind of neighbor sabotage.

    I just wish there was more transparency in the news that can be counted on. Relying on sites like “Beforeitsnews” and other websites mentioned in the comments on this site is just going to create a lot of illegitimate fear and distortion of the truth. I would hope that the author of this blog, who seems to want to remain anonymous, would at least advise the people leaving links in the comment section to check out their sources first before posting them here. Bad sources with inaccurate information only dilute the truth and make it harder to get the real facts.


  • maryanne jacobsen


    I do not mean to diminish your story that you’ve written on Beforeitsnews, I just want to say that there are people that write stuff there, that are just trying to spread bad information and eventually the stuff is proven to be inaccurate, so the site is not a legitimate source of information. If it is only rumor, then rumor can cause a lot of chaos and fear-mongering. That site (Beforeitsnews) is where I read that North Korea had torpedoed the Deepwater Horizon rig. That seems rather preposterous, especially since the story seemed to originate from another site on the internet that is called EUTimes. That is not a legitimate source of information and has had many stories on it that turned out to be inaccurate. That is why I think people need to be careful about sources before they reach conclusions. Check your sources and make sure they are not just sites looking for ad money and donations and sensationalism, etc.

  • premurdered

    #1: Nalco [makes Corexit] was purchased by Warren Buffett one year before the BP incident. #2: Every nook and cranny, every plant and body of water will be saturated with Corexit/oil based poison. The formula for death is Condensation, Evaporation, Precipitation………RAIN

  • Debbie

    You ca go on alex higgins blog

  • kat davis

    maryanne jacobsen, What information are you currently getting from MSM on the Gulf situation? EXACTLY! You will have to find local media outlets and then VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY. Many of the people on the Gulf have been forced to sign waivers of silence or have been threatened or ridiculed. In many cases it has become VERY difficult to get this information out to the public. We should be asking ourselves the tougher questions such as WHY ISN’T MSM investigating? WHAT ABOUT BP lying to the public? WHY IS THIS INFORMATION barely being leaked to the public? DEMAND THE TRUTH Maryanne! From TPTB. Such transparency!

  • maryanne jacobsen

    Kat, I have been very upset about this since the day it happened. In truth it has changed my life, as I am now skeptical about everything-jaded I guess you’d say. I do want to know the truth, and that is exactly why it is not a good idea to look to bad sources for good information. Kind of like the parable of the fruit tree in the bible. Good trees bear good fruit, etc. I read this site everyday. I also read the Oil Drum which has some good information but a lot of bias as well that must be sifted through. Then there are sites that are just grabbing at every crazy idea and running with it. That is exactly how real truth gets buried or perverted. Just like the boy who cried wolf, it’s important to be armed with good, truthful, valid facts, and not unvalidated rumors. Armed with truth, people make can make a difference.

  • This, unfortunately, is misinformation. Our tests did not show indication of Corexit use in Naples because we did not test for it. We did find 1 ppm of oil, but again, nothing indicating the presence of 2-butoxyethanol or propylene glycol. We will continue to monitor the water, and will continue to report our findings at

  • Lauren Hallahan

    I want the beaches of fla…Clearwater down to Naples tested for Corexit. Not oil. Sayer Ji, do you test for Corexit?

  • xdrfox

    maryanne jacobsen
    September 2, 2010 at 9:47 am
    Knocking all of what is read on The site (Beforeitsnews) is not a good idea, most posted there give you the links to the sites that are their sources and are VALID, many by major source’s, Many people their are connecting the dots that the main media does not or will not. There will be many at fault here in the health of many people like Valdez Exxon in Alaska, and here the temperatures were much higher giving a new paradox to Corexit. Follow links on pages and read the truths that are there. What I wrote is basic economic decision’s in business, it happens every day. “These things are in the news very often to increase profitability”. If people do not ask and research they will not know truths only except what the masses think and that is usually them that fall victim down the road. Big business and people that are effected have the greatest battles to get to the truths as in the oil drilling and Fracking using toxic materials to drill and polluting the well waters the Gov. branches finally admitted after years, as in do you believe the air was safe at the WTC. Someone had to clean up and rebuild just as in the GULF as in Alaska clean up ! …,_fineness_fishermen_went_out_to_clean_up_the_oil_and_now_there_all_gone_Alaska.html … All the Pictures that I have taken and posted are proof enough, I have walk the rivers and beaches and seen the oil and chemicals death and destruction they are not rumors of imagination as you some might think or want to discount. When you see enough you can pretty much accept the rest as having much truth through their work and investigations.

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