WDSU report on Gulf activist: “Gunshot wounds to his forehead and torso” — Niece with “gunshot wounds to her neck and buttock”

LaPlace Shooting Injures 2, WDSU, April 3, 2011:

… The sheriff’s department said a 42-year-old man was found with gunshot wounds to his forehead and torso. Deputies said an 18-year-old woman was found with gunshot wounds to her neck and buttock. …

Investigators said the man apparently came back two more times, and after being told for a third time the person he was seeking didn’t live at the home, he fired shots at the house.

To help Tucker and his niece, visit the Mendoza Recovery Fund.

See also: Report: Gulf activist shot 4 times through door of home, niece hit twice

7 comments to WDSU report on Gulf activist: “Gunshot wounds to his forehead and torso” — Niece with “gunshot wounds to her neck and buttock”

  • Sandy

    Does anyone know what happened to Greg Hall, aka “Pcola Greg” – in Pensacola? He hasn’t written a word on his blog since January. It was around that time that he had a personal meeting of some kind with “Casey” – the New Orleans tour guide (On YouTube, see channel HistoryTours). “Casey” is now saying he is certain Mr. Mendoza’s shooting had nothing to do with Mendoza’s being a Gulf Activist. “Casey” also says he has received payment from BP for loss of his business income. “Casey” also declares: “THE GULF SEAFOOD IS SAFE TO EAT!” So where is Pcola Greg? What is really going on here???

  • kingfish33919

    One cannot think that these guys would ever tolerate the truth getting out.

  • Jean

    Sandy–I read somewhere that Greg had gone to Idaho, hoping to improve his health by getting away. I can’t remember where I read this, it may have been a comment someone posted. I have no idea if it’s really true, or if someone was putting out false information.

    As for this “Casey”, unless he knows who is responsible for the shooting, how would he know if it was related to Mr. Mendoza’s Gulf activism? This is very mysterious. My prayers for the victims’ recovery.

  • xdrfox

    Yes he left the area, I posted some links a while back, maybe 3 weeks ago in a thread here on related stuff and him ! Link to One of his stories and others stories !

  • Hey you all 🙂 Thanks for posting this after my plea to you. I took the initiative and just TOLD Tucker my intentions after speaking with his daughter for the final go ahead in the set up of the family fund page that Denise Rednour set up.

    Tucker is doing fine, considering. All this is pretty tragic and the family needs your help and assistance. The family fund set up and it’s getting a ton of views! I’ve attached the link to go to the website for donations.

    Chris Lowery
    Gulf NewsNow on FB

  • Jean

    xdrfox–Thanks for clearing that up for me. I couldn’t remember where I had read that Greg had left. Glad it was you that posted it, and not someone trying to make him “disappear”.

  • xdrfox

    Someone else brought it up in the thread, I just commented and added some links.

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