What’s the Rush? “NOAA sends its samples to a lab in POLAND” — “Will take MONTHS” to know

NOAA fisheries scientist John Lamkin provides insight into how the administration operates, courtesy of Bill Sasser’s latest report in the Christian Science Monitor, Gulf oil spill to blame for oily blobs in vital Gulf sea life:

While the initial samples did not show up the droplets [of an oily, orange substance in blue crab larvae], more definitive answers will take months, Lamkin says… adding that NOAA sends its samples to a laboratory in Poland for separation. “It will be some months before we know.” …

“Juvenile blue crabs should be swimming back over the next couple of months in the hundreds of millions, so if we don’t see that we know the spill has affected them,” [Erin Grey, a post-doctoral researcher at Tulane University, who discovered the oil droplets in crab larvae] says.

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reveal 80 PERCENT of crab larvae samples from Florida to Louisiana have
“oil orange droplets” — NOAA says “HAVE NOT FOUND” IT

4 comments to What’s the Rush? “NOAA sends its samples to a lab in POLAND” — “Will take MONTHS” to know

  • jec

    What is wrong with using USA labs and a faster result? Not that Poland can’t do the testing–but would be better to keep a chain of custody with US labs. Does NOAA make those Polish laboratory technicians available to come to the USA to testify in the many litigation cases coming up? And will Poland follow the exacting legal requirements needed to keep samples from being compromised? Does NOAA keep back part of each sample for follow-up and verification testing? The use of an outside of USA lab to test US Government materials, when US citizens are involved in legal challenges-may be not the best idea.

    Plus, where are the university owned samples showing oil plumes NOAA took from reseachers? IN POLAND? Remember, under testimony, NOAA didn’t know where those samples were…

  • Tawanda The Avenger

    I was waiting for the punchline but there was none, so I guess this means this is not a joke.
    Why a lab in Poland of all places ? What is BP up to this time and why is our government not involved ?

  • Vox

    Remember the contaminated Baxter H5N1 vaccines that actually gave people the virus (accident????). Was it Poland or Germany that the contaminated vaccines came from? Another bait and switch by the Rothchilds?

    Never trust a zionist with your life or labor.

  • TomD

    FAO Vox

    The tainted Baxter vaccine did not come from Poland but from Austria.

    Is Baxter not a US company? Perhaps just as well that the samples are going outside USA for testing.

    AIMHO 🙂


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