White House official: “Nobody set out to pull the wool over the country’s eyes”

WH Responds to Critical Reports from Oil Commission, ABC News, October 06, 2010:

[T]wo senior White House officials spoke with ABC News about three of the more provocative charges in the [Oil Spill Commission’s] reports, which we reported on earlier today. …

Of the charge that White House climate change czar Carole Browner misrepresented the oil budget on August 4 – telling, for instance, the Good Morning America audience that “the vast majority of the oil is gone” — they plead guilty, but they say it was an honest confusion and misunderstanding. “Nobody set out to ‘pull the wool over the country’s eyes,’” an official said. “There was a point of confusion.”

26 comments to White House official: “Nobody set out to pull the wool over the country’s eyes”

  • sam

    A point of confusion.

    That’s a valid tihng now?

    Cool, using that at tax time! I guess the margin of acceptable error is 50%. Cool!

  • sam

    that was supposed to say, a valid THING

  • Dixie

    Yeah and pigs fly!

  • Jean

    Honest confusion? Dishonest confusion or stupidity would be the more likely explanations.

  • KC

    “And I’m confident that people are going to look back and say that this administration was on top of what was an unprecedented crisis.”

    -Barack Obama, May 27, 2010

  • Outraged

    I live in Louisiana & my 86 yr. old dad is in the hospital with fluid on the lungs. Doctors are not sure if it congestive heart failure or pneumonia. We spent several weekends in New Orleans in the last 2-3 months. Our last trip, there was something in the air that burned your eyes & you could feel a stinging sensation, he hasn’t felt well since & has trouble breathing. Things have turned for the worse in the last several days, I am worried sick & mad as hell. Any useful advice would be appreciated.

  • Outraged,

    How do the rest of you feel?

  • S.C.

    I thought,I was the only one up at 3 AM..My advice is to leave. I left everything behind when I left Fla.

    There will be a mass exodus soon.

    God bless you all.

  • Outraged

    BB & SC

    The rest are ok for now, my dad is in the hospital, to sick & weak to move. This is making me crazy. About 2 weeks ago, we live in Lafayette, when you walked outside, your eyes would burn, I have congestion which could be allergies. This is scary beyond comprehension.

    Thanks for the input

  • S.C.

    I understand the,”mind set” of the area..”fighters ’til the end”. But this is such a,”not fightable” situation that you need to go away.

    This is not a hurricane,or flood..but a heinous act of chemical terrorism.

    Please leave.

    Thank you.

  • total greed and no thought only for commercial gain. These guys hould have not been allowed to drill at those depths

  • Outraged,

    Please forget about the allergy thing, you’ve been poisoned just like Kindra, and just like everyone else in your area. I hope your dad will recover — but you need to leave.

    As S.C. put it, “Please leave.”

  • Harv

    For people sick with pneumonia, congestion and that rash, check out the Jim Humble video, about 72 minutes and MMS. MMS is inexpensive and works very quickly. It will detox your body and has saved many lives. You can contact him directly. If you have good results spread the word. He will not BS you but will tell you the truth.

    Do not expect help from Washington…You have no friends in Washington…they could care less.

    Vey Con Dios

  • albert trimble

    They lie like a rug!

  • I totally believe the government because everything else they do is so honest and stuff. Of course they weren’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes, we’re sheep, we already have wool. Duh.

  • AZ Patriot

    Where is the MSM coluders in this travesty? where is the so called “alternative media? where is the alex joneses of the internet? this story needs to be put out all over the united states …people here in arizona think “the oil is gone”and all is well…i try everyday to tell them it is not and the District of Criminals is in bed with BP ..but the sheeple just do not get it..i pray daily for all you guys…hell even my own family in sarasota is blinded by government lies…

  • bap

    I think it could have been allowed to go on because of the Land of the Sea Treaty. I don’t know, but why else wouldn’t the Jones Act have been waived in a national disaster such as this? Maybe the USA doesn’t own the waters surrounding the USA an longer. Maybe the United Nations now own them. I wonder.

  • bap

    Look up the Clear Act and Land of the Sea Treaty. Let me know what you think. Maybe we couldn’t touch the waters, still can’t, because the United Nations owns them (even the Great lakes). Not sure.

  • bap

    This is JUST AN OPINION of a nobody, but what I want to know is why are the waters being poisoned instead of skimmed?

    Obviously corexit was banned by the british–so why was it allowed here in the USA waters? To ruin the fishing industry? To ruin the enjoyment of the waters (because other countries own them now)? To make them toxic and useless up to 200 miles out so americans cannot benefit in any way from what is not theirs now?

    Just the random, useless, thoughts of a nobody here, but these thoughts run through my mind. I could be totally off here. Completely. I could be wrong.

  • bap

    Correction: That is “Law of the Sea Treaty”

  • skizex

    AZ check out rense.com for links back to fosl

  • premurderedGOM

    WH officals spoke with ABC…. Send in the clowns. lol

  • Canuck

    This is JUST AN OPINION of a nobody, but what I want to know is why are the waters being poisoned instead of skimmed?

    Because BP pays per gallon for the oil spilled. If it’s on the bottom of the GofM it can’t be measured and they can’t be fined for it. So they sink it with corexit.

  • bap

    I think this was all on purpose. That is truly my opinion. There is something wicked going on here with the corexit–being used for something more than sinking oil.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BPAmerica?v=wall&story_fbid=446191094919


  • Gary

    No! you lying bitch you put the oil over our eyes. It was not wool.

    You f—- traitors I hope you rot in burnign oil.

    BP should be attacked NOW

    All BP’S should be USA Petroleum
    Bitch queen does not own me

    GULF WAR II people and we have no military except the one attacking us in the gulf
    F— BP and BP employees they are the enemy

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