Wilma Subra wins Human Rights Award

Local Scientist Wilma Subra Wins Human Rights Award, KATC, March 23, 2011:

LEAN Technical Advisor, Wilma Subra, has been named the Domestic Honoree at the 9th annual Human Rights Awards

Since 2001, the Human Rights Awards Gala has brought together activists, supporters, and friends to recognize the efforts of exceptional individuals and organizations working for human rights from around the country and around the world. …

This year’s International Honoree is U.N. Ambassador for Bolivia Pablo Solón, a strong proponent of climate justice and the rights of nature. …

Following the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico resulting from the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, Wilma has been on the frontlines of the struggle for truth. B.P. has consistently claimed that there is no more danger, but Wilma has been relentless in exposing the disastrous reality: oil coating the bottom of the ocean, oil continuing to wash up on shore, oil destroying the life cycles of countless organisms. The challenge of responding to the Gulf oil spill is massive, but Wilma is undeterred. She will continue as she has for the past thirty years: putting her expertise to work, battling a toxic industry with public good.

4 comments to Wilma Subra wins Human Rights Award

  • She should get the new retro-active pay raise Feinberg received. Ms. Subra is doing what people who have the influence should be doing. No they are being bought off by the good ol’ boys at BP. Karma is a mofo. Kudos to you Ms. Subra, thank you for continuing to be a bright shining beacon of real hope.
    Listen folks, if everyone stands up, the powers that be cannot knock us all down. WAKE UP PEOPLE. When Feinberg gets a raise for shorting people affected by this catastrophe, there’s something very very very wrong with our American foundation.


  • xdrfox

    I’m sure BP is impressed at the amount of money he has/is saving BP, discrediting all them nasty claimants that want what is entitled to them for their loses !

    It’s hard work screwing over people paying pennies on the dollar, or throwing claims in the trash !

  • xdrfox

    opps, 😮

    wrong article !!

  • kim

    Wilma Subra is a true American hero. Keep up the good fight!

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