Woman reports troubling symptoms after swimming in Gulf — Burning lesions all over body & face, “I keep finding more and more of them”

Susan from Panama City Beach, Florida lives only a few blocks from the Gulf of Mexico.

“I went for one last swim in the Gulf last July,” she wrote, “And on my way home, on my bike, my skin and eyes were on fire.”

She reports symptoms such as burning eyes, burning lesions all over her body — especially on the face, swollen glands in her neck, and feeling very ill and weak. No pre-existing conditions were noted.

“I went to the Emergency room four times the first month after my swim in the Gulf. I was given antibiotics and prednisone,” she wrote, “They didn’t help one bit.”

She thought this would eventually go away, but it has not. “I have not recovered. The lesions are still here. I’m still sick,” she wrote, “I haven’t been able to leave my house since that day in the Gulf. If I go in the sun at all, they get worse.”

“My immune system is wrecked. If I get a simple cold, it takes twice as long to recover. I am very weak. I lost 30 pounds. I fear that these lesions could become cancerous. I keep finding more and more of them.”

What’s next for Susan?

“Doctors act like we’re nuts. BP doesn’t take us seriously.”

“Since my swim in the Gulf, my life has changed dramatically and my skin is ruined. I wish we could band together and do something about it.”

She concludes, “STAY OUT OF THE GULF! It’s ruined.”

8 comments to Woman reports troubling symptoms after swimming in Gulf — Burning lesions all over body & face, “I keep finding more and more of them”

  • xdrfox

    Thank you floridaoilspilllaw for Headlining this story of this womans horrific one trip to the beach, And for her courage to come forward and allow others insight that may prevent the same. With all the people that are being beckoned to the beaches for fun and sun, they may get exposed to more then bargained for. The fears that many people had of the effects to people health are coming to the forefront and maybe will reach the masses to prevent more case’s of such tragedy.

    Susan We all wish you health and comfort and we all support you in thoughts and prayers for your recovery, be strong and continue to speak out !

  • Swindon1

    To Susan: I really feel for you, and hope you can find a doctor who is up to the task of evaluating the real cause. Have you had your blood tested yet for hydrocarbons? This would be a good first stop and then to detox. Call barefoot doctors, they have a detox kit that many very well help you:


    When I lived on the east coast of Florida in July until December 2010, all it took was to breathe the air, and I had chemical pneumonia. The air may also be a problem for you too. Metametrix Labs in Atlanta does these Volatile Solvents tests which shows you whether you have crude oil in your blood stream. You may also have been exposed to the dispersents too. It is worth it.


    I left last December after being sick for 5 months. I lost 22 lbs, and I am detoxing now. If I can help you let me know here!

  • whats that! i am confusing in that article

  • Jean

    Thanks to Susan for sharing her story. I don’t think any health advisories were issued for Panama City at any time last summer. A google search for “oil advisory bay county” produced this article posted by the Bay County Health Department. The agency that should have been protecting the health of beach visitors was posting propaganda.


  • Typakov

    It is necessary to deduce force at coast of representatives BP and governmental bodies, start up will feel that they have created and from what escape.

  • Jennifer Rexford

    Hope you doing alright susan

  • xdrfox

    How are You doing ??

  • Jennifer Rexford

    been better getting home can surive this

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